The OC’s Rachel Bilson Says Summer & Seth Are Still Together

Rachel Bilson, who portrayed Summer Roberts on the teen drama The OC, says that she believes her character is still going strong with Seth Cohen.

The OC’s Rachel Bilson believes Summer and Seth are still together. Created by Josh Schwartz, The OC was a teen drama that aired on Fox from 2003 until 2007. The series, set in Orange County, California, focused on the character of Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie). A troubled teen from a broken home, Ryan is eventually adopted by Sandy (Peter Gallagher) and Kirsten Cohen (Kelly Rowan), moving to live in the couple’s opulent home and bonding with their teenaged son Seth Cohen (Adam Brody).

Seth had his own preoccupations well before Ryan arrived, however. The character harbored a longstanding crush on Summer Roberts (Bilson), in spite of their ostensible differences. Summer was well-liked and outgoing, while Seth was a nerdy outcast. The opposites attract dynamic, combined with the chemistry between the two actors, made Summer and Seth a hit with fans of the show. Now, ahead of the debut of her retrospective podcast on The OC, Bilson has offered her view on how the popular pairing is doing.

Speaking with Us Magazine, Bilson reflected on dating Brody when The OC was still airing. The actress notes that she’s grateful for the experience, explaining that they shared an understanding of how challenging it was to be under an intense spotlight. Bilson also reflected on where she believed her character would be today and whether Seth and Summer were still together. “I would say they have little Seth and Summers, I would think,” Bilson said. “I’m sure they’re still together and have a family.

Fans know that it was far from a certainty that Seth and Summer would be still together, well over a decade after the series finale aired. Although it’s true that The OC ended with the couple getting married, they tended to descend into disagreement and brief breakups. Some of their clashes centered around their divergent personalities. Others were more specific, like Summer’s worry that her father wouldn’t approve of Seth or Seth’s fear of commitment. The duo was similar to Ross and Rachel on Friends in how they would likely go right back to their patterns, arguing and breaking up if the show had somehow extended beyond its final episode.

Then again, it’s possible that Seth and Summer would have ironed out their difficulties with the benefit of time and experience. The OC season 4 points to this. But it also points to the difficulty of setting up a reunion or revival of the teen drama, despite constant rumors and speculation. Like the name of the genre indicates, it tells stories about characters during a specific period in their lives. And, as the limited revival of Gilmore Girls showed, in the case of Rory Gilmore, fans have very little patience when it comes to seeing how little their beloved characters have grown or even regressed since the original series ended. Maybe, as Bilson imagines, Summer and Seth have matured a lot.

Source: Us Magazine