The Simpsons Gives Homer 50 Reasons Not To Vote For Trump In New Video

The Simpsons give Homer (and viewers) 50 reasons not to vote for Trump in the 2020 US election via this year’s Treehouse of Horror XXXI episode.

A new clip from The Simpsons shows the famed animated series giving Homer 50 reasons not to vote for Donald Trump. The zeitgeist savvy series has never been a stranger to referencing politics throughout its impressive 32 season run, and 2020 is no exception.

The U.S. presidential race has been a topic of immense urgency and fascination for many, and as is typically the case during an election year, all forms of popular culture vie to have their voices and opinions heard. When it comes to The Simpsons, however, fans would almost be insulted if the inhabitants of Springfield didn’t speak up in one way or another. Some of the animated series’ most entertaining moments over the years have come as a result of politics, though it’s safe to say there has never been a more divisive election than this one. It’s hard to forget, for example, George Bush Sr spanking Bart, or the subsequent fist fight that Homer and Bush engaged in. Even the mayor of Springfield, Joe Quimby (aka Diamond Joe) is a parody of former U.S. senator, Ted Kennedy. Certainly, to deny the degree to which politics influences the humor of The Simpsons is to admit to not having been paying attention.

The Simpsons’ latest wading into the murk of the current state of U.S. politics comes courtesy of Variety (via: LetsPlayNintendoITA). In a clip from the newest Treehouse of Horror episode, Treehouse of Horror XXXI, Homer can be seen committing the sin of indecisiveness while in a voting booth. A medical masked Lisa is quick to remind her father that the decision to not vote for Trump should be an easy one. But this scolding doesn’t appear to fully clear things up for Homer, and that’s when the show itself scrolls a list of 50 different reasons as to why voting for Trump is the wrong decision to make.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that The Simpsons aren’t in favor of another four years of Trump, nor is this the first time that the series has hit out against him. The Treehouse of Horror episodes are known for their delving into terrifying prospects and tongue in cheek horror film references, so in that sense – and given the political leanings of the show, finding a way to bring the election and Trump into an episode seems like a given. As with anything remotely political these days, it’s sure to set off no small amount of bickering and disagreement among many, but The Simpson were never going to let that stop them.

Some may say this is a bold declaration on the part of The Simpsons and that a TV series shouldn’t be so biased toward a political candidate. But as previously mentioned, the series has always dealt with the issue of politics and lashed out against opposition to immigration, intolerance toward the LGBTQ community, and other policies or beliefs that promote division. As a series that has evolved and grown over time, The Simpsons may just be one of the greatest reminders America has of what is or isn’t acceptable politically.

Treehouse of Horror XXXI airs Sunday, October 18th.

Source: Variety (via: LetsPlayNintendoITA)