The 'yellow triangle' on the iPhone was ignored by many people, leading to serious device failures

Thursday, 17/08/2023, 14:55 (GMT+7)

The yellow triangle that appears on the iPhone is very serious; don't ignore this sign.

There are two triangles that you can see in Apple's official popup window. Both will have a yellow triangle with a blue droplet of water.

The first one will display:'Charging Not Available'. This appears if you connect your iPhone to the charger and detect fluid.

The second warning appears if you try to connect a different accessory that isn't a charger, and there's a warning: 'Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector'.

Both advise that you disconnect the cable or accessory and leave it to dry. Apple notes, 'This may take several hours.'

The 'yellow triangle' on the iPhone was ignored by many people, leading to serious device failures 1
Don't make a major charging mistake

iPhone users can still ignore warnings and charge their phones; however, be very careful. You should only do that in an emergency.

If you charge your iPhone when the Lightning port is wet, the sockets on the Lighting port or cable can corrode and cause permanent damage or disruption, leading to connection problems for your iPhone or accessories, Apple warns.

How to dry your iPhone

According to Apple, the best technique is to slide the Lightning port down with the iPhone and then leave your iPhone in an airy, naturally dry place.

Wait at least 30 minutes before attempting to recharge. If you still see the warning, it means the liquid is still in the port.

Keep the device in a dry, ventilated place for up to a day, as Apple warns that 'it might take up to 24 hours to fully dry'.

More importantly, Apple says there are some tricks you should never try. For example, you should not use an external heat source or compressed air to dry the device. Do not insert foreign objects into the connector, including cotton swabs or towels.

Furthermore, the iPhone maker also recommends that you don't put your phone in a bag of rice. People often mistakenly believe that rice will effectively dry their iPhones, but Apple warns that doing so can cause rice grains to damage your iPhone.