These People Refused To Wear Sunscreen And Ended Up Looking Like Dorks


At this moment, summer is in its midst. One of the greatest and simplest methods to shield your skin from the sun’s rays while it’s really hot outside is to use sunscreen every day. Because wearing sunscreen can protect its users’ health and appearance at any age. Regular use of sunscreen can protect users from sunburn, skin cancer, and premature aging.

However, some people just ignored the importance of sunscreen and said that “I don’t need sunscreen.” And they had to bear the consequences. It’s not just harmful and painful, but also embarrassing. These folks become the clowns who are the source of entertainment for other people eventually. Scroll down to check out how you will look like if you don’t wear sunscreen. These pics will serve as a reminder for you to not forget to put on sunscreen.

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#1. My dad is two different people

Source: illbeyournursetoday

#2. Went out on a boat without sunscreen today and now I have what I am calling “the bib of pain”

Source: Whitefence227711

#3. My Tanlines make me look like I’m wearing necro-pants

Source: elite4caleb

#4. My brother works outdoors, and wears the same hat every day

Source: LivingInColor8

#5. At my school this tan line was a status symbol

Source: TigzyWigzy

#6. Tan lines are sexy, right?

Source: BobHopeLives

#7. I bought some new shorts that are shorter than my other shorts for work. Now my leg looks like Neapolitan Ice Cream

Source: chet-

#8. I don’t need sunscreen, I’ll just wear a hat

Source: JAH_1315

#9. Our tan lines after cycling across the United States

Source: caliborntravel

#10. Got a new job where I have to wear a uniform and gloves while working outside, now I look like this

Source: Arxtix

#11. My Crocs tan

Source: Skintoodeep

#12. Me and my coworkers tan

Source: Beans-n-egg

#13. This patch on my skin never tans/burns. I’ve had it since I was born!

Source: xJacon

#14. Is there a chemist open this evening in Abersock or Pythelly?

Source: SetCheshire

#15. PSA: if you’re using spray sunscreen, pls rub it in

Source: katie___ham

#16. I wore a mesh hat on a 30 mile hike. Feeling like Aang today

Source: jurz90

#17. Tanned a bit too much while wearing shoes. Kids call them my chimp feet

Source: vectorious1

#18. When u forget to put sunscreen on ur face but, at least ur sunglasses work.

Source: aandjclemmer

#19. I’m a solar roofer, and we are required to wear gloves while we work…’s only may

Source: ItsJustGrandpa

#20. You know before he did this he was like “oh yeah I got this, I don’t need help”