Top 10 weirdest birds in the world

Sunday, 19/03/2023, 19:03 (GMT+7)

With more than 10,500 species living and existing in many different environments, birds will surprise you with their diversity.

  1. King vulture king
    Top 10 weirdest birds in the world 1
    King vulture

    The king vulture (or "King Vulture") is a large vulture that eats carrion and garbage. Because their size does not allow high flight, king vultures usually just glide low through the air to conserve energy and forage like dead animals.

    While eating dead bodies can be disgusting, vultures are the planet's best friends because they make the environment greener.

    King Vulture is widely distributed from Southern Mexico to Argentina. According to legend, this vulture was a "king" who carried messages between humans and the gods

  2. Bird Rupicola
    Top 10 weirdest birds in the world 2
    Bird Rupicola

    Rupicola is a species of bird in the family Cotingidae, commonly found in the rainforests of South America, and native to South America.

    The male's plumage is bright orange and has a very prominent semicircular crest. Meanwhile, the female has a slightly brownish color and is less prominent.

    The Rupicola bird's diet consists mainly of fruit, but sometimes also includes small snakes and lizards.

  3. Bird of paradise bird
    Top 10 weirdest birds in the world 3
    Bird of paradise

    This bird with a beautiful name has a rather bizarre appearance. According to the researchers, it is the nanostructure of the feathers that helps the bird of paradise feathers scatter and especially absorb light, thereby helping them to possess a mysterious black "wing".

  4. Golden Pheasant

    Top 10 weirdest birds in the world 4
    Golden Pheasant

    The golden pheasant originated in China and was later widely distributed in England, Scotland, Spain, and France.

    This is one of the most brilliant birds with a very long tail. Interestingly, female pheasants can lay 9 to 11 eggs and hatch in 3 weeks.

  5. Hornbills

    Top 10 weirdest birds in the world 5

    Hornbills are omnivores, which can eat fruit, insects, and even small animals. Due to their short tongue, they cannot swallow food and have to shove it deep into their throat.

    This bird has 2 differences from normal birds, that is, they have eyelids and a beak that is extremely large compared to the body size.

  6. Christmas Bird
    Top 10 weirdest birds in the world 6
    Christmas Bird

    They are so named because they are found on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean.

    The natives call this bird "pirate" because they specialize in stealing food from other birds. Usually, these birds live in pairs, and males have a characteristic red pouch-like throat.

  7. Potoo bird
    Top 10 weirdest birds in the world 7
    Potoo bird

    The potoo bird, scientifically known as Nyctibius grandis, is interesting. Accordingly, this strange and loving robin is unlike any other bird from shape to personality.

    Besides the protruding black and yellow eyes, this bird is also famous for its master camouflage. With its grayish-white fur interspersed with tree bark, this appearance makes it look like a harmless tree branch.

  8. White-backed Pheasant
    Top 10 weirdest birds in the world 8
    White-backed Pheasant

    This pheasant is currently in very small numbers due to habitat loss. They are considered endemic to Taiwan, preferring broadleaf areas in old-growth and secondary forests at elevations of 200-2000 meters.

    The white-backed blue pheasant is very prominent with its purple-blue breast feathers, red-white wings, long tail, and crest.

  9. Neck Vulture

    Top 10 weirdest birds in the world 9
    Neck Vulture

    The ancient vulture (scientific name: Andean condor) is one of the most carnivorous birds in the world.

    Their appearance is quite unique with a cluster of white feathers surrounding the lower part of the neck, which is especially evident in males.

    They often nest at altitudes up to 5,000 m, often on rock ledges not normally accessible.

    Interestingly, these birds only lay an egg every 2 years and the incubation period lasts 54-58 days. They are also one of the oldest birds in the world, with some reaching up to 70 years old.

  10. Mandarin Duck

    Top 10 weirdest birds in the world 10
    Mandarin Duck

    This duck is native to China and Japan and is considered the most beautiful duck in the world. They often find a mate according to the season. A special thing is that female ducks usually do not quack like other common ducks.