Top 4 largest flowers in the world

Friday, 17/03/2023, 14:51 (GMT+7)

Far from garden flowers, these gigantic blooms show how adaptation has made them, and they have unmistakable characters.

Let's discover an interesting and colorful part of nature with 4 of the largest flowers in the world and see how many names you know from this list.

Top 4 largest flowers in the world 1
Standing in front of the big flower, the person also becomes smaller! - Pinterest photos

1/ Rafflesia arnoldii

Rafflesia arnoldii is also known as king flower, "corpse flower," is the rarest, heaviest, largest, most rotten flower in the world and more.

Top 4 largest flowers in the world 2
The flower has an unappealing smell, but it attracts flies - Photo Karl Lehmann/Getty

Rafflesia arnoldii is native to the virgin rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia, with a flower diameter of up to 1m and a weight of more than 10.89kg. The flowers of Rafflesia arnoldii have an unpleasant smell but are fly attractants that help pollinate the plants.

2/ Amorphophallus titanum flower

Naming the "biggest flower" isn't always as simple as measuring the flowers. Indeed, Amorphophallus titanum has an inflorescence that can grow to a height of 3.05m - 4m and can weigh up to 77kg. However, konjac is not a single flower, but hundreds of small buds or the world's largest inflorescence on a single stem.

Top 4 largest flowers in the world 3
Many parks and reserves have this giant flower - Photo Karl Lehmann/Getty

Native to the Indonesian island of Sumatra, it was originally a rare plant that is now grown in gardens around the world. However, blooms remain sporadic, both in the wild and in captivity. Like Rafflesia and Amorphophallus, these two flowers are vying for the "corpse flower" moniker because they both smell like it.

3/ Corypha Umbraculifera

Corypha umbraculifera better known as 'Talipot palm' is the largest flowering plant with branched inflorescences. This simply means that the flowers of the Talipot plant do not sprout from a single stem, but from small branches attached to the main stem. This inflorescence is the largest of any plant in the world.

Top 4 largest flowers in the world 4
The Corypha Umbraculifera tree brings high economic returns - Photo Brunomartinsimagens/Getty

The tree has leafy palm leaves, and is woody, up to 30m, and found in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Indonesia. In Vietnam, the plant is located in the Mekong Delta and a few other places. The whole cashew nut, from leaves, stems, powder on the tree, and fruit, has high economic value.

4/ Sunflower

Sunflowers are also among the 4 largest flowers on earth, although not as large as the one above, they are also larger than others.

Top 4 largest flowers in the world 5
Sunflower seeds are fairly large - Getty
Top 4 largest flowers in the world 5
Sunflower seeds are fairly large - Photo: Getty

While the world's largest flowers are usually restricted to remote rainforests and sometimes even botanical gardens, the more common sunflower is - admittedly - a very large flower. Given enough space, sunlight, and water, sunflowers can be 3.66 meters tall and over 0.61 meters in diameter.

Just now is the list of the 4 largest flowers in the world so far. There are always many surprises in this world. From the universe to the ecosystem, people are gradually discovering them.