US fighter jet activate cloaking device leaving people amazed

Thursday, 01/02/2024, 08:51 (GMT+7)

A US fighter jet appeared in a viral video and surprised everyone with its 'stealth' ability in the sky.

A remarkable video capturing a US fighter jet seemingly activating its cloaking device has left people in awe. 

The footage features an F-22 Raptor breaking the sound barrier and creating a vapor cone as a cloaking effect. 

Although it was an impressive invention, it was discontinued in 2011.

US fighter jet activate cloaking device leaving people amazed 1
A US fighter jet appeared in the sky for a while before it activates the cloaking device. Image Credit: Mark Fingar/Instagram

The fighter jet is called F-22 Raptor

The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor is considered to be one of the most sophisticated and cutting-edge fighter jets ever created. 

These 'stealth' aircraft were created for the United States Air Force and were discontinued in 2011. However, there are still 180 aircraft used in the Air Force that are expected to be discontinued in 2030.

One of the reasons why it was completely discontinued was due to its high production and operating costs.

According to The National Interest, it costs an astonishing $68,000 per hour to operate an F-22. 

This substantial cost can be attributed to various factors, including the exceptional performance capabilities of the aircraft.

US fighter jet activate cloaking device leaving people amazed 2
In 2011, production had to be halted due to the burden of high operational expenses. Image Credit: Mark Fingar/Instagram

The F-22 Raptor can reach speeds of up to 1,500 mph, which is approximately 2.2 times the speed of sound. Furthermore, it consumes approximately 5,000 pounds of fuel per hour, further contributing to its high operating expenses.

Just before an F-22 breaches the sound barrier, it generates a fascinating phenomenon called a vapor cone. 

This occurrence has led some individuals on the internet to draw comparisons to a "cloaking device."

Recently, a captivating video captured by photographer and videographer Mark Fingar surfaced on social media, showcasing the precise moment when an F-22 approaches the sound barrier and becomes enveloped by a vapor cone, rendering it challenging to perceive with the naked eye. 

US fighter jet activate cloaking device leaving people amazed 3
The F-22 Raptor activates its cloaking device when it reaches 1,500 mph. Image Credit: Mark Fingar/Instagram

Since its recent sharing, the video clip has garnered significant attention and left social media users amazed. 

On platform X, one individual amusingly commented, "Mark Fingar captured an F-22 Raptor activating its cloaking device." 

Another person drew a comparison to a scene from a Harry Potter movie, highlighting the awe-inspiring nature of the footage.

The unique features of the vapor cones of the F-22 Raptor jets

The formation of vapor cones, such as the one observed in the F-22 Raptor video, occurs due to the presence of condensed water that can develop around an object moving at high speeds through moist air. 

When the localized air pressure around an object, such as the F-22 Raptor, decreases, it causes a corresponding drop in temperature.

US fighter jet activate cloaking device leaving people amazed 4
The F-22 Raptor is expected to be retired by 2030 because its production has stopped since 2011. Image Credit: Mark Fingar/Instagram

When the temperature drops below the saturation temperature, which is the point at which a liquid transforms into vapor at a specific saturation pressure, it leads to the emergence of a cloud or vapor cone.

This temperature change can also lead to the formation of a shockwave.

According to Rod Irvine, the chairman of the aerodynamics group at the Royal Aeronautical Society, the appearance of a vapor cone signifies the existence of a shockwave resulting from alterations in pressure and temperature.

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