VIDEO: Forest floor starts creepily 'breathing', leaving numerous users baffled

Thursday, 24/08/2023, 10:53 (GMT+7)

A bizarre video has left numerous users baffled as they witness a forest floor appearing to breathe.

The video was originally recorded in 2018, but this week it reappeared on X. It was captured in a forest in Quebec, Canada, showing the woodland moving up and down, making it look like a living and breathing thing.

The ground rises abruptly, resembling inflation, and then subsides back down. Simultaneously, the trees sway significantly and crash into one another.

VIDEO: Forest floor starts creepily 'breathing', leaving numerous users baffled 1
Credit: X

However, it's all due to a peculiar natural phenomenon in which various elements must come together in just the right combination of factors to create this unsettling visual effect.

One person commented: It's literally the wind from the trees causing the roots to pull up soil giving a "breathing-like" effect. Like common sense idk how people are boggled by this 

A second said: It’s called high winds and shallow roots. Watch out for falling trees.  

A third said: High winds pines have shallow roots. No natural gas build up. Spend enough time in the woods you will this at some point usually during storms and fronts blowing through. 

A fourth added: It’s the root system of the tress and they are moving in high winds. Trees have a few deep roots but the majority are near the surface.  

Someone else said: Earth is a living sentient world scientist have proven that trees are sentient plants too 

Another wrote: It's just the roots under the moss. I've seen it lots of times. Yawn 

VIDEO: Forest floor starts creepily 'breathing', leaving numerous users baffled 2
Credit: X

Mark Sirois from the Southern Quebec Severe Weather Network told TIME that when observing the trees in the background, it becomes evident that the strength of the winds was very strong

He added:  “The forest floor seems to be moss-covered, which leaves a lot of the root system of younger trees lodged in a loose medium. As the wind sways the trees, you get the roots lifting the floor. This gives the appearance of ‘breathing.'”

VIDEO: Forest floor starts creepily 'breathing', leaving numerous users baffled 3
Credit: X

Over the years, The Weather Network has received numerous videos like this, leaving residents baffled.

In cases where the ground is loose enough and the wind is strong, the trees can sway back and forth, tugging at their web of roots and unsettling the soil around them.

This phenomenon gives the impression that the ground is engaging in a rhythmic 'breathing' as if it were alive.

"The wind is trying to 'push' the trees over, and as the force is transferred to the roots, the ground begins to 'heave'.

"If the winds were strong enough and lasted long enough more roots would start to break and eventually some of the trees would topple."

The trees have won this epic battle of the elements.

Watching the video below: