Video of 'moving' pasta dish baffles people

Monday, 10/07/2023, 17:37 (GMT+7)

A video of a moving fresh pasta dish has genuinely baffled many individuals

Online pop-up videos often capture our attention with clips of meat seemingly coming to life. Video shows frog legs, raw beef, or even fresh pasta appearing to jump or move after being sprinkled with salt

Although these scenes might resemble something out of a horror film, the actual explanation behind this phenomenon is far less thrilling. 

Video of 'moving' pasta dish baffles people 1
Image Credit: TikTok/@emmamirte.donkervoort

It really, the salt triggers a chemical reaction that induces muscle spasms, giving the illusion of movement.

A TikToker named Emma Mirte posted a video featuring her dish, with the caption: 'POV: Eating pasta in Italy and it starts moving.' She asked someone about the answer 'Could someone please enlighten me on what is happening here?

Asking the question of why the pasta dish is in motion reveals an intriguing sight. Although the noodles might give the impression of being animated, the real cause lies in the seasoning sprinkled on top.

Video of 'moving' pasta dish baffles people 2
Image Credit: TikTok/@emmamirte.donkervoort

Those moving morsels in question are actually katsuobushi, also known as bonito flakes. 

Those who have savored the Japanese delicacy okonomiyaki are likely familiar with these ingredients.

Crafted from simmered, smoked, and fermented skipjack tuna, these delicate shavings contribute a wonderful umami taste to enhance the flavor of any dish.

Video of 'moving' pasta dish baffles people 3
Image Credit: Creative Commons

n this instance, an Italian chef has sprinkled them onto fresh pasta, generating enough heat to make it look like the flakes are dancing. For those unfamiliar with this ingredient, it can be a little jarring

The video left many viewers equally baffled, leading them to speculate that there might be stink bugs present in their salad bar. Even so, some people expressed fear and claimed they would never consume pasta again after witnessing the footage.

On the other hand, for those acquainted with bonito flakes, the video merely presented an appetizing fish dish without any cause for concern.

Someone said: "It's dried shaved bonito flakes,"  "It's moving because the steam from the food beneath it is hydrating it again."

Another commented: "Heat in the air moving the very fine bonito flakes."