WandaVision Set Photos Show Off The Cast In More Period Costumes

A string of new WandaVision set photos reveals the cast in more period costumes as filming continues for the upcoming Marvel Studios series.

New WandaVision set images features Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany in more period costumes. Playing star-crossed lovers, Wanda Maximoff and Vision, the pair reunites in the upcoming Marvel Studios series exclusively for Disney+. Due to the release date reshuffling because of the coronavirus pandemic, the project is now slated to kick-off MCU’s Phase 4 with a release set for December.

Taking place after the events of Avengers: Endgame, WandaVision is arguably one of the more interesting projects in Marvel Studios’ current roster of projects. Mining look and narrative inspiration from classic sitcoms over the years, it shows Wanda and Vision living a perfect suburban life, however, things don’t seem to be as ideal as they seem. The first trailer for WandaVision confirms that Vision is supposedly still dead, and Wanda is altering reality to fit the world she wants to live in.

Both the Super Bowl ad released earlier this year and the recent full trailer for WandaVision reveal the show will be jumping through eras as part of its attempt to mimic sitcoms of the past. In a new batch of set photos, however, courtesy of a Twitter user with the handle @eobrmidias, both Olsen and Bettany are dressed in more period clothing. There are also some snaps from @BRMarvelNews featuring Teyonah Parris who plays adult Monica Rambeau and Kathryn Hahn, whose character is only known as Agnes, also in costume. Check out the photos below:

There are several takeaways from these images, firstly, Olsen and Bettany are wearing coordinated clothes which means that they must be filming scenes together. Wanda’s red sparkly bodysuit and Bettany’s black pants, white shirt, and suspenders are more likely from the ’60s, but instead of day-to-day clothes, these ensembles hint at a perhaps a musical performance in WandaVision. Meanwhile, Wanda wearing the orange cardigan with a red skirt and Bettany sporting a brown turtleneck, blue bottoms, with longer, wispy hair is more likely from the late ’60s to the ’70s. It’s also worth noting that Olsen seemingly has a bump, which fits with the idea that Wanda will be pregnant in this era as teased in the official footage revealed for the show.

Secondly, Hahn and Parris also in period clothing. In one image, the latter is wearing a short blonde wig that is styled similar to how women wore their hair in the ’60s. Seeing Agnes in this ensemble isn’t that surprising since the WandaVision trailer confirmed that like the titular characters, she, too, will be traveling through eras. What’s more interesting is Parris sporting a beehive hairdo which is also mostly known from the ’60s. Until now, there’s no indication that she’ll be jumping through time in the show, but with this image, chances are that she’ll be a more intrinsic part of the fake world Wanda created around her. The idea that the character also works at SWORD makes this much more intriguing.

These images were taken in Los Angeles, and not in Atlanta where WandaVision was mainly filmed. Chances are that these are additional work/reshoots for the show which are totally normal for high-profile projects, so it’s not necessarily a reason to be concerned. It’s unknown right now how long this last leg of shooting will last, but with just a couple of months left before the series drops on Disney+, chances are that they’re almost done with it.

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