Watch The Boys Invade The Seven's Superhero PSA To Deliver A Dire Warning

Watch the Boys invade the Seven’s hilarious superhero PSA “Making America Safe Again” with a cameo from Soldier Boy to deliver a dire warning.

Watch The Boys invade the Seven’s superhero PSA to deliver a dire warning. The Amazon Prime hit, with ratings that rival some of Netflix’s most-watched shows, is a subversive take on superheroes where the so-called good guys are actually quite villainous.  The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke has said that he has plans for at least five seasons.

Season 1 of The Boys was really all about Hughie’s introduction into the dark underworld of superhero culture via Billy Butcher and the Boys, after his girlfriend was brutally killed by the supe A-Train. Season 2 saw the Boys achieve their goal of exposing how Vought International was illegally creating supes yet, in true fashion for the show, everything still went to hell. It ended with Becca Butcher dead, Stormfront burnt to a crisp, and the reveal of who was behind the exploding heads.

In a fun new PSA courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, Homelander and the Seven acknowledge that things have been rather chaotic lately. As Homelander and company argue that said chaos is why the world actually needs more supes, Hughie and the Boys interject with their own dose of cold hard reality, warning the viewer that, “Superheroes are about murder. If you look at them wrong, they’ll kill you!” Watch the entire PSA below.


The PSA does a great job of tying the past two seasons together while teasing a first look at Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy, who will appear in season 3. What’s clear from the PSA and season two as a whole is that Hughie and the Boys still have a lot of work to do, even though it looked like the group was all going their separate ways in the season two finale.  With Homelander being blackmailed by Queen Maeve, Ryan being taken by the CIA to be kept safe from Vought, Hughie unknowingly agreeing to work for the head-popping supe, and Butcher literally having nothing left to lose after Becca’s death, there’s a lot of potential for a third season that’s far more chaotic and bloody than the first two seasons combined.

Things certainly are more dire than ever for Hughie and the gang as they continue to try to genuinely make America safe again. Season 3 of The Boys has an immense amount of ground to cover, and the stakes are higher than ever. Although the cast and crew haven’t been able to begin filming season 3 yet due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Eric Kripke clearly already has a lot planned. With so many questions yet to be answered and new ones yet to be asked, season 3 will certainly be worth the wait.