What The Boys’ Aya Cash Could Look Like As MCU’s Jean Grey

Digital creator apexform uploads an Instagram post imagining what The Boys’ Aya Cash would look like as Jean Grey in her Phoenix form.

New fan art imagines Aya Cash as the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Jean Grey. Cash is no stranger to playing superheroes and stars as Stormfront on Amazon Prime’s The Boys. However, it seems that Cash ready for a new challenge; in a recent interview, the actress said that she would love to play either Jean Grey, Rogue, or Beast in future MCU X-Men films.

While Jean Grey has gone through multiple comic book, film, and TV show iterations, she’s commonly portrayed as one of the most powerful mutants within the greater X-Men universe. She’s not only an Omega Level telepath but a powerful telekinetic as well. In addition, she’s bound to the Phoenix Force, an immortal cosmic entity that acts as the guardian of the M’kraan Crystal. As a result, Jean Grey has remained one of the most popular and easily recognizable mutants among her fellow X-Men.

Digital artist apexform has posted stunning new fan art depicting Cash as Jean Grey. Apexform portrays Cash in Jean Grey’s Phoenix form, with what look to be fiery wings blossoming out behind her. Cash’s eyes are glowing, and both her arms are outstretched, as if telekinetically lifting someone in the air. You can see apexform’s incredible creation below:

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@maybeayacash as Jean Grey🔥 _____ @theboystv star recently came out and said she would like to play Jean Grey in the MCU when the XMEN are introduced. I love her on the boys and I think she has the look and acting chops to pull off jean grey as well as Dark Phoenix. What do you think? #yayornay👍👎 #ayacash #jeangrey #darkphoenix #xmen #marvel #comics #marvelstudios #fanart #bepositive #alwaysapex

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In the caption, apexform references the Dark Phoenix Saga, which remains one of the most influential storylines in Marvel’s comic book history. While the Phoenix originally saves Jean Grey after the hero is exposed to solar flare radiation, the cosmic entity is later corrupted and becomes the Dark Phoenix. The Dark Phoenix goes on a murderous rampage, where it eventually wipes out a star system, along with its five billion inhabitants. After an intergalactic council convenes and decides that the Dark Phoenix must be destroyed, Jean Grey manages to regain control of her body and turns an ancient Kree weapon on herself. Throughout the years, the Dark Phoenix Saga has not only been retconned but portrayed in a number of TV shows and movies. It remains a staple of Jean Grey’s story—and apexform’s creation highlights that Cash could undeniably look the part.

Due to the Fox/Disney deal, the X-Men will finally be returned to Marvel; as such, many fans hope to see X-Men films pop up in the greater MCU sooner rather than later. While Cash is certainly busy with her various other projects, working with Marvel seems like a match made in heaven. After all, Cash has already shown she has the acting chops to take on even the toughest characters, which suggests she would be the perfect fit to showcase Jean Grey’s complex nature and unwavering sense of sacrifice.

Source: apexform/Instagram