39-year-old man's appearance in 1964 left people in disbelief

Saturday, 16/03/2024, 07:04 (GMT+7)

The 39-year-old man's appearance in 1964 surprised the audience as he seemed older than his real age.

In a recent revelation, it's been discovered that Richard Vernon, who portrayed the character of a 39-year-old James Bond adversary in the classic film "Goldfinger," was actually much older during filming.

This surprising revelation sheds new light on perceptions of age and appearance in Hollywood.

39-year-old actor's appearance in 1964 left people in disbelief

In 1964, the iconic character created by Ian Fleming, James Bond, portrayed by the talented Sean Connery, embarked on a thrilling adventure in the film Goldfinger. 

39-year-old man's appearance in 1964 left people in disbelief 1
Richard Vernon, who played a 39-year-old character in "Goldfinger," was actually much older due to his appearance. Image Credit: Getty

This time, Bond found himself in a high-stakes showdown with the cunning gold smuggler, Auric Goldfinger, masterfully portrayed by Gert Fröbe. 

The movie aptly took on the name Goldfinger, captivating audiences with its clever title and captivating storyline.

Actor Richard Vernon, known for his role as Colonel Smithers in the film Goldfinger, has recently caught the attention of James Bond fans. 

39-year-old man's appearance in 1964 left people in disbelief 2
A viral photo shows Richard Vernon from "Goldfinger" with gray hair and wrinkles. Image Credit: Getty

Despite being only 39 years old during the filming, many viewers were surprised by his mature appearance in the role.

A photo of Vernon in the film has been circulating on social media, depicting him with gray hair and wrinkles. 

People compare Vernon's appearance with other colleagues at the age of 40

This has sparked discussions among fans, who are intrigued by the discrepancy between his actual age and his on-screen appearance.

Interestingly, a common thread ties together Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavill, Jonah Hill, Jesse Eisenberg, and Adam Driver, they are all 40 years old and possess an undeniably youthful appearance, in stark contrast to Richard Vernon's portrayal in the past.

39-year-old man's appearance in 1964 left people in disbelief 3
Fans discuss Richard Vernon's age versus appearance, comparing him to youthful actors. Image Credit: Getty

Despite the considerable changes that have occurred since then, people continue to express their thoughts and reactions to Richard Vernon's appearance in Goldfinger.

On platform X, one user humorously remarked, "People aged differently back then. Probably smoked 3 packs and drank half a liter of Whiskey daily as well." Another person chimed in, calling it "completely absurd."

39-year-old man's appearance in 1964 left people in disbelief 4
Bond faces off against Auric Goldfinger, portrayed by Gert Fröbe, in the captivating film "Goldfinger." Image Credit: Getty

The surprise continued on Reddit, where users were astonished at Vernon's age. 

Some users thought he would be in his late 50s or early 60s, with one person commenting, "He doesn't look 39. I guess the years weren't kind to him."

Comparisons were made to other actors, such as Sean Connery, who played James Bond, with one user sharing an image highlighting the age difference between the two.

39-year-old man's appearance in 1964 left people in disbelief 5
Users speculated Vernon's age, believing he appeared older, suggesting time had taken a toll. Image Credit: Getty

The question of why people seemed to age faster in the 60s was raised, leaving users to ponder the possible reasons.

Tragically, Richard Vernon passed away on December 4, 1997, due to complications from Parkinson's disease.