Can you see dead people? The three zodiac signs with psychic abilities

Tuesday, 23/05/2023, 11:33 (GMT+7)

Let’s talk psychic abilities; soothsaying, spirit channeling, curing, cursing, dowsing, divination, telepathy and prophecy, crystal balls and clairvoyance, and all matters between.

Can you see dead people? The three zodiac signs with psychic abilities 1
Vibes and veils, these are the most psychic zodiac signs. Jeffrey Colson/NYPOST

The word psychic comes from the Greek psykhikos, meaning “Of the soul, spirit, or mind,” and those imbued with “the gift” can see or sense what others can’t, beyond the veil, the pale and into the dark.

Psychic predispositions takes all kinds and many forms. Danielle MacKinnon, a self-described “soul level animal communicator,” can communicate with departed pets, who consistently come through with messages of unconditional love and reminders to stay present, proving yet again that we don’t deserve animals.

Chloe Smit, a mom located in the United Kingdom, says her “sight” helps her to see angel guides, dead folk and bat 1000 at gender reveals while yet another communes with the energetic forces in her booze to take the edge off a hangover.

Whatever works, folks.

In terms of planets placements within the birth chart, those with psychic predispositions tend to have heavy concentration in the water houses of the eighth and twelfth house. Aspected planets include the moon, which governs instinct and intuition, Mercury, planet of communication and exchange and Neptune, the planet of psychic phenomena. As an example, spotty track record celebrity psychic Sylvia Browne, who claimed to know the fate of a reincarnated Elvis Presely and the whereabout of missing persons, had both her sun and Mercury in the eighth house.

Be you a true believer or a dead set skeptic, read on to learn more about the most psychic signs in the zodiac.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

Can you see dead people? The three zodiac signs with psychic abilities 2
Theresa Caputo is a Gemini sun, Pisces moon with spiritual hair. Brian Zak

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication named for the fleet footed god of messaging whose domain stretched from the high altitude air of Mt. Olympus to the dark rivers of the underworld.

Apropos of this range, the people of the twin are inclined to receive static, signals and transmissions from the other side. Gemini is ever and always ready to trade tales and hear secrets from strangers, ghosts, alien forces or otherwise.

Their brilliant minds are always at work, even and especially when they sleep, priming them for vivid and/or prophetic dreams. Late Gemini comedian Joan Rivers attracted spirits throughout her life and routinely purged her living spaces of undead energies that wanted to keep her company.

Geminis also give zero f—s about being perceived as crazy or controversial, a fact that makes them unapologetically vocal about their paranormal experiences and esoteric beliefs. Notable Gemini psychics include beloved triple Gemini, she of the ‘higher the hair closer to the spiritual plane ethos’, The Long Island medium herself, ladies and gentlemen Theresa Caputo.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Can you see dead people? The three zodiac signs with psychic abilities 3
Scorpios are inclined to seek and attract the paranormal and are adept at sniffing out frauds and false claims of psychic ability. Burke/Triolo Productions/Brand

Scorpio rules the eighth house of sex, death, secrets, spy games, suspicion, restless spirits and rebirth, a comfortable kind of compost for psychic activity. Scorpios are pure water power with fabled intuition.

Though in fairness, when you are suspicious of everything and everyone you really amp up the likelihood of being right. Scorpios see and read the matrix of the universe, the dimensions, dynamics and the demons, as casually as others see street signs.

Scorpios are prone to psychic tendencies not only because they live close to the edge but because they are more curious about death and the paranormal than they are frightened by it.

This is the sort that goes looking for the dark in everything and everyone and welcomes the chance to play show and tell with the abyss. Not for nothing, all three of the past life regression healers I have visited are double Scorpios.

Bonus: Scorpios have an unparalleled sense for sniffing out deception and forgery, making them aces not only at inviting psychic phenomenon but outing frauds.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

Can you see dead people? The three zodiac signs with psychic abilities 4
Kesha is a Pisces with p—y ghosts. FilmMagic

Ruled as they are by Neptune, the planet of vibes and visions, delusions, illusions and our connection to the mystic, Pisces folk are straight up phantom bait.

Mutable water, these babies are especially susceptible to the energies, sticky psychic debris, sob stories and bathroom confessions of strangers and floating spirits.

Their psychic sensitivities are made evident in quadruple (!!!!) Pisces songbird Kesha who had to have an exorcist clear the ghosts that haunted her vagina and who recently starred in a Discovery+ show called “Conjuring Kesha,” that saw her traveling to haunted locales to report on paranormal phenomena.

So prone are Pisces to messages, spirit interventions and paranormal experiences that many of them seek to escape their own permeability through sleep, substances, sound baths, sex and other altered states.

When they are able to filter their perceptions and create healthy boundaries between themselves and the great beyond their capacity for communion and attenuation is unparalleled.