Fitness influencer calls out 'disrespectful' man while filming her workout

Wednesday, 31/01/2024, 15:05 (GMT+7)

On the viral on social media, during her workout, a fitness influencer, Em, faced an encounter with a man who went on a 'disrespectful' rant towards her.

When you go to the gym, one important thing to note is that you should not leave the barbell unattended, and nobody should record your workout without your consent.

However, there are situations where you have no control, such as when the gym is crowded with fitness enthusiasts.

On social media platforms, many viewers witnessed a "negative" argument between an internet celebrity and a man who was recording her workout session.

Fitness influencer calls out 'disrespectful' man while filming her workout 1
The video has the caption: "Just trying to get my lift in". Image Credits: @emmysbakedbeans/Tiktok

The altercation was captured on TikTok and shared on the platform, sparking a debate among viewers.

TikToker Em, known as @emmysbakedbeans, recently posted a video on the platform of herself working out at an O2 Fitness location in North Carolina.

Initially, the video appeared to be a typical fitness video from a fitness influencer.

Fitness influencer calls out 'disrespectful' man while filming her workout 2
On the text overlay, she wrote, " To all the men who say thing like this to women at the gym. mm bye". Image Credits: @emmysbakedbeans/Tiktok

But upon closer inspection, if you turn up the volume, you will realize that the narrative has taken a different turn.

The video sparked controversy when a man disrespected an influential person who was using a machine.

In the video, the influencer, known as Em, is seen trying to use a weighted horizontal pull-down exercise machine. In the background, a man can be heard yelling at her. His comments were so offensive that she decided to leave.

Fitness influencer calls out 'disrespectful' man while filming her workout 3
A fitness influencer calls out a man who went on a 'disrespectful' rant at her for filming her workout. Image Credits: @emmysbakedbeans/Tiktok

As the video continues, things take a turn for the worse. Viewers can hear someone shouting at Em, telling her to "spend more time working out" and criticizing her for recording herself.

The man firmly states, "Why are you doing this? This is stupid."

Despite her efforts to stay focused on her workout, the influencer ultimately gives up and leaves.

Fitness influencer calls out 'disrespectful' man while filming her workout 4
In the video, it is evident that when Em was attempting to perform weighted lateral pulldowns on a machine, the man's comments became increasingly offensive. Image Credits: @emmysbakedbeans/Tiktok

She shared the video on social media, calling out the man and captioning it: "To all the men who say things like this to women at the gym... Bye."

The post received numerous comments from people expressing their thoughts on the incident.

Fitness influencer calls out 'disrespectful' man while filming her workout 5
Man's comments are so bad, leaving Em gets up and walks away. Image Credits: @emmysbakedbeans/Tiktok

One person said: he wanted a reaction and im SO glad you didn't give him one.

A second wrote: Wait, I thought for this you needed to keep your back straight and then just pull with your arms? And not swing your back? Am I doing it wrong?

A third commented: As a personal trainer, this is without question the one thing that I hate the most in any fitness setting.

Someone else said: god i want this to happen to me so badly bc I would not be as strong as you to ignore him. 

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