Gigantic cat often mistaken as dog in Russia

Monday, 27/03/2023, 11:07 (GMT+7)

Yulia Minina, a woman living in Oskol, Russia, bought the cat almost two years ago when it was just a young kitten. But after a period of nurturing, the cat grew rapidly, shocking the owner and neighbors.

Yulia Minina named the cat Kefir. Kefir is a Maine Coon cat with white fur. Currently, he is 22 months old and  weighs about 12.5 kg.

Gigantic cat often mistaken as dog in Russia 1
Image credits: SWNS

The Maine Coon is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds in the world. This giant cat is not only beautiful but also extremely attractive because of its aristocratic and royal appearance.

In fact, this large cat breed comes in many different colors. Maine Coon cats can be white, classic brown, salt and pepper, or even tricolor. The Maine Coon's eyes are usually green, yellow, or amber.

Gigantic cat often mistaken as dog in Russia 2
Image credits: SWNS

Yulia Minina shared: "I don't think it is an ordinary cat. It is very large, many think it is a dog. Not only impressing people with its unusual appearance, Kefir the cat is very clever. Unlike his big scary appearance, the cat is quite gentle".

Gigantic cat often mistaken as dog in Russia 3

After pictures of the cat were shared on social networks, many people thought that Yulia Minina used Photoshop to make the cat bigger, but Yulia denied this.

On Yulia's personal Instagram page, she regularly shares a lot of Kefir's photos, attracting thousands of likes from followers. She even took a video herself to prove her cat is really huge.