Here is the reason why the 'L' in Google is green and not yellow

Tuesday, 08/08/2023, 17:17 (GMT+7)

This is the explanation for why the letter 'L' in Google is green rather than yellow.

Have you ever observed that all the letters in the Google logo are primary colors except for one? This isn't an accident as you might think.

Here is the reason why the 'L' in Google is green and not yellow 1
Image Credits: Google

The Google logo was designed with features primary colors: two. However, there's a reason why the ‘L’ in Google is green and not yellow.  There's a deliberate reason behind this unique feature of the Google logo. 

This decision was deliberate, reflecting Google's unconventional approach and willingness to break from conventions.

Graphic designer Ruth Cedar, who discussed the process in an interview with Wired over twenty years ago, explained that various color combinations were considered. The final choice focused on primary colors.

"But instead of having the pattern go in order, we put a secondary color on the L, which brought back the idea that Google doesn’t follow the rules."

Here is the reason why the 'L' in Google is green and not yellow 2
Image Credits: Google

It's worth noting that Google initially used Lego blocks in blue, red, and yellow to encase its first server at Stanford University. However, the Google logo has become one of the most instantly recognizable worldwide.

An earlier version of the logo had a different color sequence, featuring a green G and L, a red O and E, a yellow O, and a blue G.

There was even an initial design iteration that appeared quite unappealing, using three red letters (G, O, and E), a blue O, a green G, and a yellow L.

The three primary colors are blue-red-green. However, there is an "o" in it that has a secondary yellow color. It showcases creativity, breaks the mold, and isn't tied down by Google.

Here is the reason why the 'L' in Google is green and not yellow 3
Image Credits: Google

After experimenting with various arrangements, Google eventually settled on the current color sequence, which has remained consistent for over two decades.

The choice of the name "Google" has an interesting origin. When the company was first established in 1996, it was originally named "BackRub."

The reason for this choice was its focus on checking for "backlinks," which are links pointing to a website from other pages.

By counting the number of backlinks a webpage had, this technique aimed to determine the webpage's importance and relevance.

However, the name was changed to "Google," marking the company's significant progress and its transition toward a more distinctive and memorable identity





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