Man fights with a kangaroo to rescue bullied pet dog

Friday, 24/03/2023, 14:34 (GMT+7)

A man bravely used his bare hands to attack a kangaroo when he saw the animal threatening his pet dog.

A clip recorded the brave act of a man who risked his life to protect his pet dog when the dog was being bullied and threatened by a large kangaroo.

The incident took place in a remote area of Australia, when a man was driving to find his dog and discovered that the dog was being attacked and choked by a kangaroo. He yelled loudly to call the dog to run towards him, but the dog couldn't escape, causing him to feel worried.

Man fights with a kangaroo to rescue bullied pet dog 1
The kangaroo gripped the dog's neck despite being threatened by its owner. Image: Daily Mail

The man immediately approached the two animals still tightly holding onto each other, but the kangaroo refused to let go of the dog. The man had to threaten the kangaroo to release his pet dog. Not stopping there, the man even threw a punch at the kangaroo as a way to "get revenge" for his bullied dog. 

The kangaroo then immediately shifted its attention to the man, and the two stood in a stance like fighters preparing to engage in a fight. However, the man then found a way to avoid a fight with the animal while the kangaroo quickly left the scene.

Man fights with a kangaroo to rescue bullied pet dog 2
Man punches kangaroo in the face after it attacks his pet dog. Image: Dail Mail

The clip quickly went viral after being shared on social media, with millions of views and comments. Many people commented that the man was lucky because the kangaroo did not become angry, as they believed that with its strength, the kangaroo could have posed a danger to the man with its powerful kicks.

Meanwhile, many others praised the man's brave action in intervening in time to rescue the dog from danger.


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