The 10 most 'useless' parts of the human body

Wednesday, 15/03/2023, 16:25 (GMT+7)

Some parts of our body just don't seem to be really necessary.

Male nipples

After about 7 weeks of pregnancy, the differences between a baby boy and girl begin to appear. At this time, the SRY gene on the Y chromosome becomes active, leading to the disappearance of the female reproductive organs.

According to researcher Michelle Moscova, nipples develop before the SRY was created. So everyone is born with nipples, whether it's a boy or a girl. However, in men, they have no lactation function. Therefore, many people think that nipples are 'useless'.

Wisdom teeth

The 10 most 'useless' parts of the human body 1

According to statistics, about 22% of people in the world have at least 1 of their 4 wisdom teeth protrude from their gums improperly. This is because human jaws are often too small for them to grow in the correct position. Therefore, this type of tooth is listed as one of the "useless" parts in humans.

Jacobson's organ

The 10 most 'useless' parts of the human body 2

Jacobson's organ exists and works commonly in animals such as reptiles, amphibians, mammals,...Scientists have also found this organ in some people. They think that this part is a "remnant" of our ancestors, so it is no longer needed.

Palmaris longus muscle

The 10 most 'useless' parts of the human body 3

The Pyramidalis muscles begin at the joint between the pubic bones and extend to the line of connective tissue that runs down the middle of the abdomen. The Journal of Diagnostic and Clinical Research has estimated that 10-20% of people are deficient in at least one pyramidal muscle, but it does not cause adverse health effects.

Darwin's point

The 10 most 'useless' parts of the human body 4

Darwin's point is a small piece of cartilage that protrudes from the outside of the ear. It is said to be a "harmless malformation" to the human ear.

Auricular muscles

The 10 most 'useless' parts of the human body 5

In animals, the auricular muscles are responsible for the movement of the ears to help them receive clearer sound.  In humans, this part used to have a similar function, but it gradually disappeared as we evolved.


The 10 most 'useless' parts of the human body 6

The coccyx is part of the tail - a vestige of our ancient ancestor. Over the course of evolution, humans did not need a tail for balance anymor, so it disappeared and now only a part of it remains, the coccyx, or tailbone. Therefore, it is no longer necessary for humans.


The 10 most 'useless' parts of the human body 7

The appendix is the organ that once made it easy for our ancestors to digest nutrient-rich plants. However, the modern human diet has become much easier to absorb and digest. As a result, the appendix becomes superfluous, and some people even have to remove it because of inflammation.

Third eyelid

The 10 most 'useless' parts of the human body 8

This third eyelid has a wiper-like structure called the nictitating membrane. It is located in the inner corner of each eye in the shape of a small fold of tissue. However, it is said to be useless because it does not function as an eyelid.