The interabled couple: Disabled man and wife turn to IVF after struggling to have a baby soon

Monday, 05/06/2023, 09:45 (GMT+7)

Discover the extraordinary love story of Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward, breaking barriers and inspiring millions. From YouTube to parenthood, their journey will warm your heart.

Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward, the incredible integrated couple behind the beloved YouTube channel Squirmy and Grubs, have been breaking down barriers and shattering misconceptions about relationships and disability. 

This well-known YouTube pair wants to make integrated relationships more common

Their channel offers an intimate glimpse into their daily lives, their shared hobbies, and even their extraordinary journey toward conceiving a child. Throughout their adventures, they have faced numerous questions about their relationship, but their love for each other continues to grow stronger with time. Recently, they shared their exciting plans to expand their family by welcoming a baby into their lives in the near future.

The interabled couple: Disabled man and wife turn to IVF after struggling to have a baby soon 1
Hannah and Shane are a famous couple on Youtube channel Squirmy and Grubs (Source: New York Post)

For the past seven years, Hannah and Shane have been blessed with a profoundly happy and fulfilling relationship. Their deep affection has taken them on countless adventures, from exploring breathtaking exotic destinations to opening their hearts to the world on YouTube.

Little did they know that by documenting their relationship online, they would capture the attention and hearts of millions. Their genuine and heartfelt moments, coupled with their cheesy romantic gestures, deeply resonated with viewers, leading to a rapid growth in their channel's popularity.

Grateful for the opportunity to share their unique love story, Hannah and Shane have become a beacon of inspiration for countless individuals, encouraging people to pursue their own happiness on their own terms.

The interabled couple: Disabled man and wife turn to IVF after struggling to have a baby soon 2
The couple got married in September 2020 (Source: Instagram/@shaneburcaw)

Throughout their journey, Shane has come to understand the fundamental importance of communication, trust, and mutual respect in any relationship. These valuable lessons have become guiding principles for their shared path, and they hope to continue spreading joy, love, and valuable insights to all those who watch their channel.

This couple faces ridicule and criticism

Despite the overwhelming support and admiration they receive, Shane and Hannah have also encountered the darker side of the internet. Cruel internet trolls have directed critical comments and hurtful remarks their way. However, this couple stands strong, rising above the hate and criticism, refusing to let it dim their vibrant spirits.

Shane was born with spinal muscular atrophy, a condition that has necessitated his use of a wheelchair since the tender age of two. But Shane has never allowed his disability to define him. Instead, he has emerged as a passionate advocate for disability awareness, working tirelessly to educate and inspire others.

The interabled couple: Disabled man and wife turn to IVF after struggling to have a baby soon 3
Shane Burcaw was born with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), but does not allow it to limit him (Source: New York Post)

It was through the vast realm of the internet that Shane and Hannah first connected, rapidly falling in love and creating a remarkable bond. In September 2020, they celebrated their love by exchanging vows and officially becoming life partners.

However, with their increasing fame and public exposure, they also became targets of hurtful comments and criticism from those who fail to grasp the beauty and strength of their "integrated" relationship.

Undeterred by the negativity, Hannah and Shane continue to share their remarkable love story, persistently raising awareness about the unique challenges and profound joys experienced in an interabled relationship. Their hope is to inspire others to embrace acceptance and understanding, encouraging society to see beyond the disability and embrace the beauty of diversity.

The interabled couple: Disabled man and wife turn to IVF after struggling to have a baby soon 4
They got married despite the cruel words (Source: hannahayl - Instagram)

In the face of adversity, we wholeheartedly stand with Shane and Hannah, applauding their unwavering courage to continue sharing their journey with the world.

Now they are a happy couple and have a baby

Recently, the inspirational couple has opened up about their deeply personal journey to parenthood through the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Considering Shane's use of a wheelchair, they knew embarking on the path to parenthood would present its own unique set of challenges. After exploring various options, they made the heartfelt decision to pursue IVF after casually attempting the traditional route for two years.

Shane humorously likened his feelings about the IVF process to the daunting experience of facing a big exam without sufficient preparation."It's like having an exam tomorrow, but you haven't prepared at all. You know there's no way you can study everything you need to in one night to feel fully confident," Shane playfully expressed, illuminating the mix of anticipation, nervousness, and excitement they experience as they embark on this new chapter.

The interabled couple: Disabled man and wife turn to IVF after struggling to have a baby soon 5
“Our intimacy benefits from my disability and our intimacy is not just me enjoying it,” said Shane Burchaw (Source: hannahayl / Instagram)

As Shane and Hannah embrace this next chapter of their lives, they continue to inspire us with their authenticity, resilience, and unyielding love. Their story serves as a potent reminder that love knows no boundaries and that determination can overcome any obstacle.

Let us join together in celebrating their journey and spreading a message of acceptance, understanding, and love to the world.

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