Top 9 bridges that are not built for the faint of heart

Friday, 17/03/2023, 13:34 (GMT+7)

Although not for those who are afraid of heights, when coming to these suspension bridges, visitors will enjoy the unforgettable natural scenery.

Huashan Bridge in China

China is famous for many majestic mountains. Huashan is one of the famous mountains in the martial arts world, one of the Five Great Mountains of China. However, Huashan’s peak is a very dangerous and craggy peak. The path to the mountain peak is made of small wooden sticks temporarily attached to the cliffs, which have claimed the lives of hundreds of people who want to attain true enlightenment. 

To be able to go to the top of such a mountain, people often build bridges on the side of the mountain. The bridge has no railing. To get to the top of Huashan, you have to conquer the "stairs to heaven" running along the 1,800m-high mountainside (6km, equivalent to 4,000 steps). After climbing the steep stone steps, visitors also have to cling to the cliff to follow the wooden plank system to reach the top of the mountain. Those who choose this path are mainly professional mountaineers and adventurers. If visitors do not want to take risks, they can spend money to take the cable car to the top of the mountain. 

Top 9 bridges that are not built for the faint of heart 1

Hussaini Suspension Bridge, Pakistan

The world has no shortage of bridges that are known as dangerous, but the Hussaini suspension bridge in Pakistan is among the ones that even the bravest are afraid of. Nevertheless, it is a crucial bridge of the region that the indigenous people have to walk on every day. The Hussaini bridge crosses over the fast-flowing Hunza River. The bridge is joined by wooden slats of different sizes, sparse, loosely connected by thin wire. When you cross it, this bridge will sway, if you are not careful, you may put your foot in the gaps. 

The Hussaini suspension bridge is a challenging tourist destination for travelers from all over the world because of its title as the second longest suspension bridge in the world. In 2005, Hussaini was washed away after a huge flood, but soon after it was rebuilt to serve the travel needs of people. 

Top 9 bridges that are not built for the faint of heart 2

Transparent bridge in Yuntai, China

Yuntai Mountain Glass Walkway is becoming a tourist attraction in China. Some localities in this country have built transparent glass bridges as a way to promote tourism. However, not everyone is brave enough to cross this scary bridge. This is one of the first glass bridges in China, put into operation in 2015. Unlike other glass bridges connecting two mountains, Yuntai Mountain Glass Walkway surrounds the side of the mountain, leading visitors to the top.

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Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge in Northern Ireland

Coming to Northern Ireland, one cannot fail to visit the famous Carrick-a-Rede. The bridge has a length of 20m, about 30m above the water. The bridge connects mainland Ireland with the tiny island of Carrick-a-Rede. This bridge is made of wood and rope so it looks very scary. But once you've crossed the bridge, you can see a variety of seabirds, such as cuckoos, guillemots, and sira gulls. The bridge is primarily a tourist attraction and is owned and maintained by the National Trust. In 2018, the bridge had 485,736 visitors. The bridge is open year-round (depending on the weather) and people can cross it for a fee. From a distance, Carrick-a-Rede is as fragile as a small thread crossing the gap between the high cliffs and the offshore island.

Top 9 bridges that are not built for the faint of heart 4

The Qeswachaka Rope Bridge in Peru

The Q'eswachaka is part of a system of grass bridges, built during the Inca empire, but now, it has become the only remaining grass bridge in the world. The bridge is about 36.6 meters long, crossing the Apurimac River at a height of 67 meters. It is made of grass and is only wide enough for one person to pass. The Qeswachaka bridge is only durable for about a year and the people here have to rebuild it every year. With only very simple ingredients such as hay, skillful Inca Indians of the Queswachaka region have made miracles every year. Such a way of making bridges has appeared here since the time of the Inca empire, hundreds of years before the Europeans arrived.

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Monkey bridges in Vietnam

These bridges, with or without handrails, are difficult to walk and dangerous for those unfamiliar with them. Those who are used to using it can carry a weight of about 20–50 kg crossing the bridge (of course, you have to estimate the load capacity of the bridge yourself to avoid breaking the bridge). People imagine that only monkeys can cross them, hence the name. 

Top 9 bridges that are not built for the faint of heart 6

Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado, USA

Royal Gorge Bridge & Park in Colorado is the longest suspension bridge in the United States, located 321m above the ground. This is a pretty famous tourist destination near Canon city in the state of Colorado, USA. Crossing the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park is sure to be an unforgettable experience. It  was once recognized as the longest bridge in the world from 1929 to 2003 with a length of 384m, a width of 5.5m. When standing on the bridge, watching the surrounding scenery will make you terrified because of the massive depth. 

Top 9 bridges that are not built for the faint of heart 7

Titlis Cliff Walk Bridge, Switzerland

Titlis Cliff Walk is a 100m long, 3m wide bridge at an altitude of 3,238m above sea level, built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the opening of the famous funicular railway connecting the two towns of Engelberg–Gerschnialp in January 1913. This is the longest suspension bridge in Europe, crossing the glacier atop the majestic Swiss Alps. Standing on this bridge, people can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. Although the weather is very cold here, many people are still afraid to sweat when walking on the bridge. On clear days, visitors on the bridge can admire the ice floes lying 460m below their feet, running along the Uri Alps and even parts of Italy.

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Geierley Suspension Bridge, Germany

Considered the longest suspension bridge in Germany, the Geierley Suspension Bridge is more than 365m long, located at a height of nearly 100m across the Geierley ravine. This cable-stayed bridge is the focal point of a beautiful picture, crossing the forest between the towns of Morsdorf and Sosberg, near the border of Germany and Luxembourg. This is a place absolutely not for the faint of heart to go through. The bridge was built with cables and holds the record as the longest cable-stayed bridge in Germany. The total weight of the bridge is 77.5 tons, and it can hold a maximum total weight of 50 tons, equivalent to 600 people if each person weighs 80kg.

Top 9 bridges that are not built for the faint of heart 9