Vet explained why five animals he would never have as pets

Wednesday, 28/02/2024, 16:19 (GMT+7)

In a viral video on TikTok, a  British veterinarian left viewers shocked after revealing five animals that he would never have as pets.

A British veterinarian sparked debate after sharing five animals that he would never have as pets. 

In a TikTok video, a content creator and a veterinarian, who goes by and boasts over 208,000 followers, shared his insights about the animal species. 

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The British veterinarian ignited controversy by revealing five animal species he would never consider pets. Image Credits:

In a recent video, he pointed out a list of these animals he wouldn't keep as pets. 

One of them is a parrot

In the video, a British veterinarian explained the reason why parrots are the top choice for animals he wouldn't keep as pets. He said that they emit toxic gases that are harmful to these birds. 

He said that "it's heated, the coating releases a gas which can be fatal to parrots".

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Parrots top the list due to the danger posed by toxic gases emitted when their nonstick coatings are heated.  Image credit: Getty

He also mentioned the challenge of meeting their complex needs, given their natural habitat and behavioral requirements. The owner finds it difficult to create the freedom to fly and explore a rainforest habitat for parrots. 

The second of them is a mouse

He expressed his concern about the mouse's short lifespan. He pointed out, "The average mouse only lives for one to two years.". So, the emotional attachment owners develop makes their brief time together particularly difficult. It is too short a timeframe for him. 

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Mouses are included due to their short lifespan.  Image credit: Getty

He added: 'I've had lots of guinea pigs over the years, and you grow very attached to them.'

Rabbit is the third name on his list

A British veterinarian left several veterinarians stunned after revealing rabbits are a third of the animals he would never have as pets. 

In the footage, he also explained his choice, as it is supposed that they often do not make suitable pets. 

According to Ben, the rabbit is not as great a pet as people believed. 

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Rabbits are deemed unsuitable pets by the veterinarian, citing their timid nature, fragility, and susceptibility to health issues.  Image credit: Getty

He highlighted that rabbits are prey species, so they're naturally very timid.  Additionally, rabbits are too fragile to suffer negligent care from their owners. 

"They kick and they fall out of your arms from a height onto the floor. Ben added, 'It's not unheard of for them to break limb bones and even their spines.'

Additionally, Ben explained that they are particularly vulnerable to gut stasis and dental problems, which can result in unexpected veterinary expenses. 

He admitted that rabbits are excellent pets, but they have specific care needs, which many overlook.

The fourth animal Ben mentioned in the video is a monkey.

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Monkeys are strongly discouraged as pets due to their intelligence, and wild nature.  Image credit: Getty

In the footage, Ben also explained the unsuitability of keeping monkeys in domestic life.

He recounted encountering baby monkeys separated from their mothers, intended to be sold as pets, emphasizing the cruelty and impracticality of housing them in a home environment.

He concluded:  'A monkey is an extremely intelligent, wild animal, not a domesticated species, like dogs or cats... [it] is extremely difficult to meet their complexities in your home. Don't do it.'

The last animal mentioned is a ferret.

Lastly, ferrets were mentioned for their strong odor, tendency to bite, and need for ample interaction and space, which may not suit everyone's lifestyle.

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A ferret is the final animal to be discussed. Image credit: Getty

In the comment section, the list of animals that Ben listed sparked debate on social media.

Below the video, several users expressed their arguments with Ben's explanation, while others suggested that they would still keep them in their house because they love them very much."