What does "Wiki" in Wikipedia stands for?

Saturday, 27/01/2024, 19:03 (GMT+7)

It is a global information search website, but until now the true meaning of Wiki in Wikipedia has only been known.

Wikipedia is a global website that provides information that people need to know. It is also known as a worldwide online encyclopedia.

Every day Wikipedia receives a "huge" amount of traffic from users because it contains tens of millions of articles in more than 300 different languages.

However, "Wiki" in Wikipedia term has only now been revealed.

What does 'Wiki' in Wikipedia stands for? 1
People are just learning what "Wiki" in Wikipedia really represents. Image Credit: Getty

What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia was formed in January 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. It started as a collaborative project aiming to create a free and comprehensive online encyclopedia.

Wikipedia currently runs on a software called MediaWiki that was created in 2003 after it ran on UseModWiki.

Wikipedia is described as a "free online encyclopedia" with more than 62 million articles and more than 300 different languages providing information to everyone in the world.

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Wikipedia was founded in early 2001. Image Credit: Getty

By providing it for free to users, anyone can access and edit or add information to this website.

The articles are mostly written by anonymous volunteers. Some articles are also restricted to prevent vandalism by others and preserve their information.

The formation of Wikipedia terms

Although it is a useful and popular website globally, only now can people find out what the name Wikipedia stands for.

What does 'Wiki' in Wikipedia stands for? 3
Most articles on Wikipedia are edited by multiple individuals. Image Credit: Getty

What does "Wiki" in the term Wikipedia stands for?

Many people have questioned what "Wiki" stands for in the term "Wikipedia." This is the answer.

In Hawaiian, "Wiki" means quick, representing the quick provision of information on this website.

Just like the meaning of "Wiki", the website is considered to be super fast, making it easy for users to search for desired information in just a few clicks.

Now, you probably understand why it has the prefix "Wiki", right? Because the website prioritizes speed in search to ensure the necessary information is delivered in just a snap.

What does 'Wiki' in Wikipedia stands for? 4
The prefix Wiki in Wikipedia comes from the Hawaiian, which means "fast". Image Credit: Shutterstock

What does "pedia" in the term of Wikipedia stand for?

The "Pedia" in the term Wikipedia stands for "encyclopedia." It originates from the Greek word "paideia," meaning education or knowledge. 

By combining "wiki" with "pedia," the creators emphasized their vision of an online platform that would serve as a comprehensive and fast encyclopedia. 

This choice of name highlights the project's goal of providing free and accessible knowledge to users worldwide, allowing them to contribute, edit, and expand the information available on the platform.

What does 'Wiki' in Wikipedia stands for? 5
The suffix "pedia" in Wikipedia comes from Greek, meaning education or knowledge. Image Credit: Shutterstock

A statement on Wikipedia reveals it is the most popular and most visited wiki-based website in the world.

In addition, Wikipedia is not a single wiki but a collection of hundreds or even thousands of wikis with a specific language for each wiki.

Among them, English Wikipedia is the website containing the largest number of articles. According to data as of January 2024, it has more than 6 million articles.

Some people believe that the term Wikipedia is simply a play on words by the website's creators. Over time, it has grown strongly and become an online database edited by many individuals.