what happens to half-used hotel soap?

Tuesday, 04/07/2023, 13:41 (GMT+7)

The video reveals what happens to used hotel soap, making their minds blown.

After discovering the half-used hotel soap, TikTok users are expressing their discontent. A Science Insider, reveals the inner workings of a soap recycling facility operated by Clean the World. This is a place for breaking down old soap, disinfecting it, and molding it into new bars. 

what happens to half-used hotel soap? 1
Image Credits:TikTok/@scienceinsider

It is unclear whether the video could be taken at the recycling operations center in Orlando, Florida, or Las Vegas, Nevada. 

In the video, a Science Insider reporter shared: 

“Hotels throw out millions of bars of used soap every week,” “But they don’t have to go in the trash.

“Today Shawn Seipler’s company, Clean The World, runs a factory that can handle thousands of bars an hour.

“The used soap comes from thousands of hotels around the world.”

what happens to half-used hotel soap? 2
Image Credits:TikTok/@scienceinsider

The process begins by placing the used bars into a machine known as a machine called a refiner, which grates the used bars and removes any dirt and hair present on the top layer.

After that, the refiner produces elongated strands that are noodle-like strands, which are subsequently heated and blended with water. 

what happens to half-used hotel soap? 3
Image Credits:TikTok/@scienceinsider

They are also bleached for seven or eight minutes to kill bacteria. 

The soap is subjected to a bleaching process that takes approximately seven to eight minutes to eliminate bacteria.

what happens to half-used hotel soap? 4
Image Credits:TikTok/@scienceinsider

Following this, the disinfected batch proceeds to another refiner where before being molded into good-as-new, individual bars of soap.

Since its upload last month, the video TikTok has more than over 22.7 million views. However, in the below video, numerous comments from users expressing not feeling soap-er stellar about the process.

Watching the vide below: