'Aliens' spotted on the beach resemble a sci-fi movie generating panic

Tuesday, 30/01/2024, 13:40 (GMT+7)

A man accidentally captured incredible images of mysterious objects "marching" on a beach, leaving people baffled.

The photos of "alien armies" moving on the beach have caused panic among netizens. Many people described the scene as resembling extraterrestrial creatures from a science fiction movie.

The photos and videos then spread on social media and raised questions about their origin and appearance.

'Aliens' spotted on the beach resemble a sci-fi movie generating panic 1
Some mysterious which are said to be aliens emerge on a beach leaving people baffled. Image Credit: Jan Vorster

A man spotted mysterious creatures that are said to be aliens on a beach

Jan Vorster, 62 years old, encountered strange moments when a series of mysterious creatures appeared at sea. According to the man, the photos were taken at the beach in Still Bay, South Africa.

Jan then posted these images to a South African Facebook group, leading to their widespread circulation and raising questions about the origins of these mysterious creatures.

Jan said he was surprised by the reaction of online users. He believes that photos can bring back joy in contrast to people's anxiety and seriousness at the moment.

'Aliens' spotted on the beach resemble a sci-fi movie generating panic 2
Jan Vorster accidentally captured these moments when he walked along the beach. Image Credit: Jan Vorster

Unraveling the mystery of the 'alien army' on the beach

Jan Vorster's post attracted more than 22,000 comments and 52,000 shares in just a few days after the photo was posted on Facebook. Most people assumed that these were aliens, causing incredible panic.

However, some scientists have come up with answers to all these mysteries.

In reality, these creatures are not aliens but dead aloe plants. Aloe vera is a succulent plant that is used very effectively for healing.

'Aliens' spotted on the beach resemble a sci-fi movie generating panic 3
The creatures believed to be aliens are actually dead aloe vera plants. Image Credit: Jan Vorster

After the mystery was revealed, Vorster posted another set of images on Facebook to raise awareness about environmental degradation.

He said he used the photos as a metaphor to highlight the impact humans have on plants.

Vorster emphasized that instead of thinking that mysterious aliens are messing up our lives, the truth is that humans are messing up theirs.

Jan Voster also said he learned a lesson about the power of social networks.

"A lot of people texted me to find out the truth, some were extremely scared of the sea monsters in the picture."

Voster also revealed that many people even canceled their vacations just because of this scary photo.

Please go back to the sea!!!! They are scary, one user exclaimed.

Are the photos real? They look really creepy, the second replied.

Someone, please save us, this is not a tree, they cannot be simply a tree, another person said

'Aliens' spotted on the beach resemble a sci-fi movie generating panic 4
Pictures of mysterious creatures believed to be aliens have caused extreme confusion among online users. Image Credit: Jan Vorster

This is not the first time social networks have exploded when an object has been mistaken for a monster.

Earlier this month, a tourist was frightened when he encountered a strange animal drifting into the sea with an appearance similar to the legendary Lochness monster, causing many concerns about the return of ancient sea monsters recently.

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