Baffled mum begs for help after discovering 'beans' in her bathroom

Tuesday, 03/10/2023, 11:04 (GMT+7)

A puzzled mother seeks assistance after stumbling upon 'bean-like objects' in her bathroom.

A mum has been left baffled when she stumbled upon three bean-like objects on her bathroom floor while engaged in cleaning. 

Perceiving these tiny, unfamiliar items, she couldn't discern their identity, prompting her to seek answers from a Facebook cleaning group.

Baffled mum begs for help after discovering 'beans' in her bathroom 1
Image Credits: Facebook

One person suggested: It looked like someone took a dump while she was out.

Someone else said: That looks like something a lot more unpleasant than a bean!

 While another said: It looked like dead skin cells or discarded plaster.

Another continued: You need to be more worried about your missing cow! Is your son called Jack by any chance? 

Someone said: Redundant and expired brain cells are being ejected from bodily orifices. There must have been a lot of them... maybe into the dozens?!

The woman clarified that there were no children present in her home at the time and expressed her frustration with the lack of assistance from a Google image search. She said: 'Google image search didn't help. I think the wind blew them in.'

Baffled mum begs for help after discovering 'beans' in her bathroom 2
Image Credits: Facebook

Members of the group proposed that these objects could be larvae of some kind and substantiated their claims by sharing similar images from their own Google searches.

A person said: Egg sacks

A second wrote: Looks like a wrinkly old grape/sultana

A third commented: It looks like one of those helicopter seed pods from a sycamore tree to me

Someone else said: Not amused by the fact that she was killing ants……surely sweeping the ants up and leaving the bottom of the garden, I get so annoyed that people just kill and kill……ants are important….  

You are lucky to have a mosquito's egg. It can make a very good necklace. Another added. 

Grateful for their input, the mother conducted further research, subsequently updating her post to confirm the theory that they were indeed ant pupae.

Baffled mum begs for help after discovering 'beans' in her bathroom 3
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She wrote: 'I've since discovered (and killed) three large black ants wandering around the window area of my en-suite at different times,'

'So I conclude, with members' help) that they were ant pupae.' 

In the life cycle of most ant species, a silk cocoon, known as the pupa, is constructed around them. Inside this pupa, a young ant undergoes the process of eclosion. The newly emerged ants initially appear pale yellow but rapidly darken as their exoskeletons harden.

It's worth noting that the first batch of ants tends to be smaller and weaker than those in established colonies,  as they have not been fed much.


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