Burger King is being sued over its Whoppers are too small

Friday, 01/09/2023, 20:44 (GMT+7)

A lawsuit has been filed against Burger King, alleging that their Whoppers are too small in size.

Burger King is facing a lawsuit that accuses it of serving Whoppers that are allegedly too small.

A significant class-action lawsuit alleges that the fast-food giant has deceived customers into believing they are receiving a larger and more substantial burger for their money.

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According to the 26-page court document, Burger King's advertisements for its Whopper burgers create an illusion that the burgers are 'approximately 35 percent larger in size, and contain more than double the meat, than the actual burger'. This is a lot

The lawsuit, filed in September 2017, asserts that the chain deliberately began exaggerating the size of its offerings.

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Representing a minimum of 100 plaintiffs in the lawsuit are attorneys Anthony J. Russo and James C. Kelly, indicating the significance of the case. Burger King is evidently facing serious inquiries from the courts.

Speaking to Fox Business, Kelly said: "We are ultimately seeking changes to the photos for the materially overstated menu items and fairness across the industry on the issue."

Ordered by U.S. District Judge Roy Altman in Miami, Burger King is required to present a defense against the allegations put forth in the lawsuit.

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In particular, the judge granted permission for the plaintiffs to pursue Burger King on various grounds, such as breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and negligent misrepresentation.

Furthermore, Altman dismissed assertions suggesting that the company had deceived customers through its television and online advertisements, emphasizing that they should  'tell us what reasonable people think'.

When questioned about the allegations mentioned in the lawsuit, a spokesperson for Burger King declined to comment, stating that the company  'does not comment on pending or potential litigations'.

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However, according to the BBC, a statement from the chain denied any wrongdoing

"The plaintiffs' claims are false," a spokesperson said.

"The flame-grilled beef patties portrayed in our advertising are the same patties used in the millions of Whopper sandwiches we serve to guests nationwide."

But Burger King isn't the only chain to face such accusations.

A New York man filed a similar class-action lawsuit against Taco Bell earlier this month.

He claims the Crunchwrap Supreme and Mexican pizza, among other items on the menu, contain only half the beef promised.

The lawsuit seeks at least $5 million in damages for customers who ate any of the five food items listed in the document within the past three years.