Discover 2024 baby name trends: Is your favorite on the list

Sunday, 17/12/2023, 17:38 (GMT+7)

Discover the latest baby name trends in 2024. From nickname-turned-names to names with strong meanings, explore the fascinating choices parents are making.

The Social Security Administration previously released the most popular baby names for 2024. Now, as we approach the middle of 2024, specific trends in baby naming are starting to emerge.

BabyCenter is an organization that analyzes popular baby name trends, including the use of nicknames as full names and names with strong meanings. By studying real-time data voluntarily shared by parents in their user community, BabyCenter can determine the names most commonly used by new and expectant parents.

BabyCenter can assess the names most frequently used by newlyweds and expectant parents based on real-time data for hundreds of thousands of names supplied voluntarily by the parents in our user community, according to the BabyCenter team.

Two fascinating trends are already apparent in the 2024 baby name market. Have any of your favorite names made the list?

Names that originated as nicknames

Discover 2024 baby name trends: Is your favorite on the list 1
2 baby naming trends in 2024. Image Credits: PublicDomainPictures/ Pixabay

Rebekah Wahlberg, a baby name trends specialist at BabyCenter, noted that aliases that were once considered informal are now being registered by parents at levels similar to their formal counterparts. Nicknames have even surpassed the original names in the top 100 names for both boys and girls.

Here are some examples.


Discover 2024 baby name trends: Is your favorite on the list 2
Ellie's name is ranked high. Image Credits: RitaE? Pixabay

The name Ellie has French and English ancestry and means "light." It is a popular moniker for Elizabeth, the well-known bearer of the name.

It currently holds the 14th spot on the list of most popular girl's names, surpassing Elizabeth, which is at number 28.


Theo, a nickname for the Greek name Theodore, meaning "divine gift," has overtaken Theodore in the rankings for top boys' names, claiming the 15th spot while Theodore is at 58.


Nora is a popular stand-alone name and is said to be of Irish ancestry. Although Eleanor has a lengthy history and a famous nickname, the name has "no 100% verifiable meaning," according to the naming authority.

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Nora is a popular stand-alone name. Image Credits: kelin/ Pixabay

Nora is ranked at number 33, while Eleanor sits at number 66.


Josie, a Hebrew name meaning "God will give," is ranked at number 52, surpassing both Josephine (number 107) and Josette (number 3,258).


English-born Charlie is a name that means "free." Previously a popular nickname for Charles, it is now a well-liked solo name.

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Charlie was once a common nickname for Charles. Image Credits: jarmoluk/Pixabay

It was originally a nickname for Charles and has become a popular standalone name, holding the 72nd spot on the list while Charles is at 170.

Names with deep connotations

Consider some of the "meaningful" names that are becoming more popular in 2023.


Faith, derived from Latin, meaning "trust" or "faith," has broken into the top 100 girls' names, moving up by as many as 85 spots.


Discover 2024 baby name trends: Is your favorite on the list 5
The name Grace has many meanings. Image Credis: esudroff/ Pixabay

It's a Greek name meaning "goodness" and "generosity" and is considered a "virtue name" alongside Faith, Hope, and Charity.

According to BabyCenter, "Given its rich history, Grace is a name that feels both vintage and traditional, with a more modern sound." Grace has already climbed to the 13th position this year.


Serenity, meaning "peaceful disposition," is becoming increasingly popular for girls, currently ranking at number 49.


This is a name derived from Greek mythology about the Titan who carried the world on his shoulders. It has risen 49 spots since 2022 and now holds the 51st spot on the top 100 boys' names list for 2023.

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Atlas is also on the list of trending names 2023. Image Credits: skalekar1992/ Pixabay


Maverick, an English name meaning "an unorthodox or independent-minded person," gained prominence after the release of the TV show "Maverick" in 1958 and experienced a resurgence with the release of "Top Gun: Maverick" in 2022. It currently ranks at number 32 for boys.


In Hebrew, the name Ethan means "firm, enduring, strong, and long-lived," according to BabyCenter. The naming organization stated, "It's one of those ancient, holy names that have endured periods, generations, and cultures. Ethan, who is ranked No. 9, has been in the top 10 boys' names since 2022.

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The name Ethan has many meanings. Image Credits: Marjonhorn/ Pixabay

The name Sophia, which was among the most popular in 2022, is currently steadily losing ground.

It is presently "battling it out at the bottom of the top 10 with Mia to see which name will edge the other out," according to Wahlberg of BabyCenter.

In 2022, Liam was the most popular boy's name, but Noah has since surpassed it.