Elderly circus bear is finally free after 20 years behind bars

Friday, 02/06/2023, 17:27 (GMT+7)

An elderly circus bear is set free after two decades, which takes the effort of many foundations and individuals. Scroll down for the whole heartwarming story!

Elderly circus bear is finally free after 20 years behind bars 1
Image Credit: WHITE ROCK bear shelter

The confinement of animals in captivity goes against their inherent right to live freely in their natural habitats and socialize with their own species. Unfortunately, countless animals face this grim reality, their lives marred by poaching, exploitation, and confinement for the sake of human entertainment and profit.

Elderly circus bear is finally free after 20 years behind bars 2
Image Credit: GeoBeats Animals

Chada, a bear bred in captivity, is a poignant example of the suffering endured by these innocent creatures. For two decades, she languished in a small cage within a circus until compassionate individuals. The Save Wild Foundation intervened, offering her a glimmer of hope, liberation, and a chance to rediscover her true nature.

Chada's journey toward freedom began when concerned individuals raised the alarm about her plight. Responding to the call, the Save Wild Foundation swiftly sprang into action, leading a team spearheaded by zoologist Marina to rescue Chada.

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With immense dedication, they transported her to the Wild Rock Bear Shelter in Kyiv, Ukraine. This sanctuary, which specializes in rescuing bears and wolves from establishments involved in animal exploitation, provides crucial medical care and strives to create living conditions that resemble their natural habitats.

Upon her arrival at the sanctuary, Chada embarked on a journey of exploration and discovery. Marina vividly recalls the emotional moment when Chada first stepped into the sanctuary.

Elderly circus bear is finally free after 20 years behind bars 3
Image Credit: GeoBeats Animals

As she lay on the ground, raising her head to feel the sun's warmth, it was apparent that this was a novel experience for her. It was likely the first time she had ever basked in the gentle rays of sunlight, an opportunity stolen from her during her years of captivity.

Due to her age and diminished size, Chada must remain within the confines of an enclosure. She is an Ursus arctos isabellinus, a Himalayan subspecies of the brown bear found predominantly in Middle Asia.

Classified as endangered, with only a few hundred individuals remaining, this subspecies typically grows to about 9.19 feet in size and weighs around 456.36 pounds.

Elderly circus bear is finally free after 20 years behind bars 4
Image Credit: GeoBeats Animals

However, Chada's long confinement in a small cage has left her with a weight of merely 260 pounds. Consequently, her interactions with other bears are limited to communicating with them through the fence that separates them. Engaging in physical play with her fellow bears poses a risk to her fragile body, necessitating caution in her social interactions.

While her interactions with other bears may be limited, Chada has discovered joy and contentment in her newfound environment. Her enclosure provides ample space for her to roam, run, and explore.

Equipped with a cozy den, a warm box for the winter months, and a refreshing swimming pool for the scorching summer heat, Chada revels in the simple pleasures previously denied to her. The pool, in particular, has captured her heart, and she spends countless hours gleefully splashing about in its refreshing waters.

Elderly circus bear is finally free after 20 years behind bars 5
Image Credit: GeoBeats Animals

Despite her age, Chada remains remarkably active, relishing the opportunity to sprint through the grassy expanse of her enclosure.

However, she also cherishes her moments of tranquillity. Like a wise and discerning grandmother, she occasionally becomes grumpy when the other bears and wolves become too rowdy, seeking the peace and serenity that is her right.

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Chada's journey from the confines of a circus cage to the freedom of her sanctuary is a powerful reminder of the urgent need to protect and respect the rights of all animals. No animal deserves a life in captivity, devoid of their natural habitats and social interactions.

Chada's transformation serves as an inspiration and a call to action, urging us to strive for a world where all animals can live as they were meant to, in the embrace of their natural surroundings.

Let her story ignite our collective empathy and commitment to safeguarding the welfare and dignity of all creatures who share our planet.