Family hired an actor to make best friend for their son

Friday, 15/03/2024, 14:21 (GMT+7)

On video viral on social media, a New York teenager left several users stunned after revealing his best friend was actually a hired actor by his family. 

In a video was shared on Tiktok, New York teenager shocked after revealing that the story of his best friend.

In the footage, gained more than one million times, showed a discribes himself story about his co-called frienship.

Family hired an actor to make best friend for their son 1
Lawson Spolansky shares a shocking story on TikTok about his best friend being a hired actor. Image Credits: @lawsonspolansky/Tiktok

The video has the caption: "im finally ready to share with u this horrific story"

Lawson Spolansky humorously describes himself as an 'embarrassing best friend.

Lawson Spolansky humorously shared a story about friendship in a TikTok video.

In video,  Spolansky revealed the saga began in 2012 when he was five years old and grappling with social and behavioral challenges at school.

Family hired an actor to make best friend for their son 2
Spolansky recounts how the friendship with "Dexter" began in 2012 in viral video. Image Credits: @lawsonspolansky/Tiktok

However, the sudden accident led to the end of his friendship with Dexter.

While playing at a playground in July, he fell off the monkey bars and was ridiculed by a blond boy, whom he later identified as Dexter.

Despite their rocky start, Spolansky and Dexter eventually became friends, bonding over time. Their friendship seemed genuine, with Spolansky even experiencing personal growth and academic improvement.

The accident situation led Spolansky to discover the true nature of his relationship with Dexter.

Family hired an actor to make best friend for their son 3
Over the years, Spolansky and Dexter develop a close friendship. Image Credits: @lawsonspolansky/Tiktok

However, things took a bizarre turn in 2018 when Dexter supposedly promised to take Spolansky on an extravagant trip but then abruptly canceled. Later, Spolansky discovered a photo on Instagram showing Dexter with his own aunt in Hollywood.

Confused and betrayed, Spolansky confronted Dexter and his aunt, only to learn that Dexter's mother was actually an agent who had been paid to orchestrate their friendship.

Spolansky was stunned after discovering he had been deceived.

Family hired an actor to make best friend for their son 4
Spolansky's suspicions are confirmed when he learns that Dexter's "mom" is actually an agent who was paid to orchestrate their friendship. Image Credits: @lawsonspolansky/Tiktok

To make matters worse, Spolansky discovered that his therapist was the sister of Dexter's agent, leaving him feeling utterly deceived and with profound trust issues.

While Spolansky's revelation has captivated viewers, some have raised doubts about the authenticity of his story, pointing out inconsistencies and questioning his vivid recollections from childhood.

He said in the video: "So now I'm left broken, [a] severe amount of trust issues, and I feel like I never really went anywhere."

"I thought I had a real friend, but then you find out this friend is actually paid."

In the footage, several users were shocked by Spolansky's story.

Family hired an actor to make best friend for their son 5
Spolansky expresses feelings of betrayal and confusion after realizing the true nature of the friendship. Image Credits: @lawsonspolansky/Tiktok

However, many expressed vulnerability in sharing their experiences, while others denied his claims.

One person said: Can you take them to court for mental anguish and damages?? Like this is absolutely wild. Definitely write a book about this

A second wrote: the therapist also being in on it….? this has to be illegal, whether she’s a real therapist or an actress pretending…??? i am so, so sorry for you

While a third commented:  THIS IS CRAZYYY you should write a book or movie about this

Someother added: Not your therapist being wrapped up in it too that’s crazy im so sorry