Foster dog tearfully realizes she's safe

Saturday, 20/01/2024, 17:47 (GMT+7)

The foster dog, who was once completely shattered, finally comes to realize her safety.

The story about Bambi, a stray dog who felt safe for the first time, was shared on social media, leaving numerous love animals heartwarming. 

The small business owner, known as @twogingerpibbles on Tiktok, regularly shares videos on this platform. Emily Duncan, 31, is known as an animal shelter volunteer, Emily is from North Carolina.

In a recent video, the content creator gained attention after posting a video showing Bambi, whose breed is unknown, being saved by her.

Foster dog tearfully realizes she's safe 1
In the text overlay, she wrote: "Picking up your newest foster dog from the shelter and watching them realize they're finally safe". Image Credits: @twogingerpibbles/Reddit

A stray dog, Bambi, has gone from fear to comfort after being saved by Emily Ducan. 

The heartwarming showed Bambi making herself at home on a cozy blanket in the living room.

He was rescued from the brink of euthanasia and provided with a safe and loving foster home.

She told to Newsweek that It took three days for Bambi to realize that he was safe.

"She has been with us for two weeks now, and her fun and spunky personality is shining through more every day". 

Foster dog tearfully realizes she's safe 2
At first, Bambi felt scared, but after only 3 days, she began to accept a more comfortable life. Image Credits: @twogingerpibbles/Reddit

The challenges of Bambi's rescue

On August 15, Bambi was brought to Wake County Animal Center in Raleigh, North Carolina.

However, her process of recovery faced challenges when a contagious respiratory disease outbreak forced the shelter to close its doors. 

Bambi then was adopted by Duncan and taken care of on December 15.

According to Duncan, Bambi is slowly but surely thriving.

Bambi's transformation after being adopted by Duncan leaves numerous people heartwarming

A heartwarming TikTok video, which gained 1.8M viewers, showed that Bambi was nestling herself on a cozy blanket, finally feeling secure in her newfound home. 

Foster dog tearfully realizes she's safe 3
After Emily Ducan saved Bambi, the stray dog, he went from being afraid to feeling comfortable in the new house. Image Credits: @twogingerpibbles/Reddit

Duncan said: "She was completely broken but is now coming back to life."

Within a mere three days of living in the new house, Bambi started to relax. She seemed to shed her fears and embrace the safety and comfort that had eluded her for so long. 

Duncan's house is truly saved her life, because, according to Duncan, Foster's homes in North Carolina have a significant issue with unethical breeding and a lack of spay/neuter laws. 

Bambi quickly adjusted to her new routine.

With each passing day, Bambi's playful and spirited personality shines brighter, a testament to the healing power of love and care.

Foster dog tearfully realizes she's safe 4
In the viral video on Tiktok, Bambi was seen making herself at home on a cozy blanket in the living room. Image Credits: @twogingerpibbles/Reddit

Through the heartwarming Bambi's story, Duncan emphasizes the importance of fostering. 

According to Duncan, foster homes play a role in saving abandoned animals. 

Duncan passionately advocates for fostering, where there is no financial obligation for the foster.

She supposed that most shelters and rescues provide the necessary supplies and cover veterinary expenses.

So far, the heartwarming video has already garnered over 800 comments, with fellow carers sharing their own experiences and support. Bambi's story became an inspiration for others to consider fostering or supporting animal rescue.

One person said: I just picked up my first foster dog and watching her feel safe has been the most gratifying thing I’ve ever experienced.

A second wrote: It’s oh so quiet.

A third commented: Just the silence alone probably took some stress away. 

Someone else added: Are you going to make her part of your family full-time? Thank you for sharing this.. absolutely beautiful and tear-jerker.