How do alligators survive when the water is icy

Wednesday, 24/01/2024, 17:52 (GMT+7)

The amazing video showed that alligators survive when the water is icy, leaving numbeorus people stunned

In recent days, cold air has swept across the U.S., leading to freezing temperatures. On social media, numerous pictures were shared showing the cold temperature of winter; even the water in the lake started freezing, and several underwater creatures also became numb.

On social media, an amazing video of a frozen alligator has gained attention, leaving numerous users stunned. 

How do alligators survive when the water is icy 1
The amazing video revealed the survival ability of alligators in icy water, leaving numerous people stunned. Image Credits: @gatorcountrytx/Reddit

The amazing video, shared by Gator Country, a Texan rescue center, shows a sizable alligator beneath the ice.

The footage showed the alligator frozen in a pond at Gator Country Adventure Park and Sanctuary in Beaumont, Texas.

The video, with the caption" "The American alligator is absolutely magnificent!", went quickly viral on social media and gained 350,000 views since being posted. 

How do alligators survive when the water is icy 2
In a viral TikTok video, alligators surviving in frozen water are shown. Image Credits: @gatorcountrytx/Reddit

In the clip, the massive reptile remains in a frozen state, with its snout protruding above the ice. Its snout is seen above the surface, allowing it to access vital air.

A similar video was posted on the TikTok account @gatorcountrytx, leaving numerous people stunned after explaining. 

Additionally, another video on the TikTok account @gatorcountrytx provides valuable insights into the behavior of these reptiles in extreme cold.

How do alligators survive when the water is icy 3
Amazing pictures of American alligators in the frozen waters of Texas have left people amazed. Image Credits: @gatorcountrytx/Reddit

In the video, a Gator Country staff member explains while pointing to a frozen alligator submerged in a pond. 

He explained why the gator was almost completely submerged but had its nose and tail just above the ice.

How do alligators survive when the water is icy 4
Gator Country staff member explains how the alligator's body remains submerged in frozen water while its snout protrudes slightly to allow for breathing. Image Credits: @gatorcountrytx/Reddit

He pointed out these strategies to endure harsh conditions in the winter.  He explained that the reptile's entire body was submerged beneath the frozen water, with only its snout slightly protruding above the surface, providing enough room for it to breathe.

The staff explained, "His heart beating 3 beats per minute, folks. That's amazing. That's how alligators survive in the ice." 

How do alligators survive when the water is icy 5
Many people were left stunned after the Gator Country staff explained and suggested that several underwater creatures have similar adaptations. Image Credits: @gatorcountrytx/Reddit

"Below the video, numerous users were left stunned after his explanation. Several users were shocked by how alligators survive in the ice, while others claimed that, similar to crocodiles, some underwater creatures also have adaptive behaviors.

One person said: So amazing! Our maker designed animals and people with such precision. Accounting for every hair on our bodies as well as every scale they have.

A second wrote: It’s cold as hell here in north Texas. Our gators have shown the same behavior.

A third commented: Animals like these are amazing. it's like looking into the past. I imagine modern gators aren't much different than prehistoric gators.

Someone else added: Torpor allows Alligators to survive the cold spells with very little food, a great survival adaptation, in short, (GATORADE). 

Watching video below: