Husband's comical response to toddler's tantrum sparks controversy

Thursday, 25/05/2023, 11:45 (GMT+7)

There are various approaches to handling a child's tantrums when they occur.

Some attempt to quiet them down, while others choose to ignore their child to the best of their ability.

Regardless of the method used, dealing with tantrums can be challenging and potentially embarrassing.

A father's patient and tolerant response to his toddler's tantrum gains viral attention A mother recently shared a comical video of her child throwing a fit after a visit to the supermarket.

Husband's comical response to toddler's tantrum sparks controversy 1
Image Credits: Instagram/incomenotebook

The mother wrote in the caption that her husband resorted to this action because their two-year-old refused to walk back home. 

The footage shows the toddler lying motionless on the ground behind the car while the father unloads groceries.

Unfazed, the father closes the car door, casually grabs the child's jacket with one hand, and lifts her off the ground.

With groceries in one hand and the toddler in the other, still frozen in the same position, he walks towards the front door.

Upon the video's release, it received an influx of comments, with numerous individuals commending the father for his composed behavior in the face of the toddler's tantrum. 

Husband's comical response to toddler's tantrum sparks controversy 2
Image Credits: Instagram/incomenotebook

"He didn't lose his cool at all," commented one impressed viewer. "Kids can have their moments."

"Well done, Dad! He must have had so much patience and tolerance," added another. One entertained viewer described it as the "I'm done with this s—t, let's go" move.

Some expressed envy towards the toddler. "That looks so comfortable," one person laughed. "I want to do that."

Another comment suggested that this wasn't the first time the father had resorted to such a tactic, implying that the child must have thoroughly enjoyed it. 

While the video was meant to be lighthearted and funny, not everyone found it amusing.

Some individuals suggested that the parent should have left the child on the ground. "Kids nowadays are so spoiled," they added. In response, others commented, "I hope you never have kids!"

A few individuals even claimed that the father's actions constituted abuse. Oh my gosh, I find that hard to believe. It's child abuse," exclaimed a disgruntled parent.