What koalas actually sound like

Thursday, 18/01/2024, 13:42 (GMT+7)

Koalas sound left people freaking out at the first hearing.

Koalas have an adorable appearance and are famous for being cute and humorous. However, contrary to their lovely looks, Koalas have left numerous people freaking out at the first hearing of their sounds.

Koalas do not lack a voice.

Koalas are an iconic Australian species, and many people mistakenly believe them to be silent creatures.

What koalas actually sound like 1
Many people describe koala sounds as similar to those of pigs or bears. Image Credits: @u/David-Shark/Reddit

In fact, koalas have vocals and create a variety of sounds. However, Koalas's sound left people freaking out at first hearing it. 

In contrast to what you might imagine, Koalas don't emit soft, melodic sounds; their vocalizations can be quite surprising to hear at first.

What koalas actually sound like 2
Some even liken koala sounds to nightmarish burps. Image Credits: @u/David-Shark/Reddit

Recently, on social media, a viral video captured the sound of koalas, leaving people freaking out at first hearing it. 

The video, which garnered nearly 12.1k views and 651 comments, was shared by u/David-Shark on Reddit with the caption, 'This is what a koala sounds like,' leaving many baffled.

Contrary to common imagination, the deep sounds made by koalas are not what people expect.

Below the video, several users left their opinions in the comment selection. 

Some users described Koala's sound as similar to a pig, while others compared it to a bear's sound. Some even humorously mentioned it resembling something clogged in a drain. 

What koalas actually sound like 3
Numerous individuals are initially startled upon hearing the sound of a koala. Image Credits: @u/David-Shark/Reddit

One person said: His mouth during the sounds is shaped like a number 8 and his nostrils are also shaped like a sideways number 8. 

A second wrote: Sounds like when I try and force myself to burp repeatedly.

A third commented: Hahaha, hahaha, I thought they would sound sweet and innocent.

Someone else said: Of all the sounds I thought a Koala could make, I would never have guessed this nightmarish burp would be it

 Another added: So one time I was camping at a gorest and then in the middle of the night I hear snapping and rustling. Then this unholy demon noise sounds out right next to me and I legitimately thought I was about to die  

Many people admitted that the sound of koalas left them feeling terrified.

What koalas actually sound like 4
In contrast to the imagined sweetness, koala sounds are not as pleasant as people might think. Image Credits: @u/David-Shark/Reddit

In fact, Koalas communicate through a spectrum of sounds, each serving a distinct purpose. This sound provides valuable insights into their behavior, as they use it to communicate in their natural habitat.

Additionally, research on the sound of Koalas helps contribute to the conservation of these marsupials.

Watch the video below: