Dog says 'hello' in English accent leaving people baffled

Wednesday, 17/01/2024, 14:05 (GMT+7)

A dog has reached a new level by saying 'hello' in an English accent, leaving viewers with 'wow.'

Do you believe that animals can also speak human language?

You didn't hear wrong, a chihuahua dog left people baffled as it said 'hello' in an English accent instead of a typical woof sound.

Her video then caused a stir on social media with her special ability.

Dog says 'hello' in English accent leaving people baffled 1
A chihuahua dog came out with its first greeting by saying 'hello' to the owner. Image Credit: Shansa Gilbert

The chihuahua dog makes some strange sounds before saying 'hello'

The video was posted on January 15 by Shana Gilbert, from Bedford, England captured her cherished dog  Fuggers suddenly making some amusing sounds.

Shana decided to record a commemorative video without knowing what happened next.

Dog says 'hello' in English accent leaving people baffled 2
Before making a surprise to Shansa, Fuggers created some amusing noises. Image Credit: Shansa Gilbert

 Fuggers says 'hello' to her owner in an English accent 

In the clip, Fuggers was trying to get Shana's attention to give a signal for her next action. 

She repeatedly wagged her tail, shuffled across the floor, and stopped for a while.

Fuggers then suddenly said 'hello' to her owner, leaving people baffled by her special ability.

Fuggers not only came out with a special greeting, but he also seemed happy and excited about what he said, making the video even more popular.

Shana recounted the moment when her beloved dog said 'hello' to her: “I was having a rare day off, watching a film with my blanket and snacks.

“Fuggers wanted on the sofa as she cannot jump on, so I started filming her as she makes these hilarious noises. She suddenly said ‘hello’."

Dog says 'hello' in English accent leaving people baffled 3
Fuggers suddenly said 'hello' in an English accent leaving her owner surprised. Image Credit: Shansa Gilbert

Shana later posted the clip on TikTok as an entertaining video that stored Fuggers' memories.

The video captured Fuggers saying 'hello' has gone viral on social media. 

Shana claimed that she had no idea that Fuggers's video was being shared widely on the Internet until she woke up with more than 30.000 notifications displaying on her phone screen.

She said: "The thing that amuses me the most is that Fuggers is totally unaware she is an internet sensation.”

Dog says 'hello' in English accent leaving people baffled 4
Her video has quickly attracted the public and has been shared widely on the Internet. Image Credit: Shansa Gilbert

Many viewers expressed their excitement with Fuggers's greeting and shared the video widely on various social platforms.

Fuggers actually said hello to his owner, one user said.

OMG... she was so cute in her first greeting, the second commented.

The cutest greeting I've ever heard, another praised.

Fuggers is really a clever dog, wrote someone.