Airline allegedly served ‘dog food’ to business class passengers?

Saturday, 18/11/2023, 19:48 (GMT+7)

A Chinese airline is being mocked after a mistake that has many wondering if they provide 'dog food' to its passengers.

A passenger on a China Eastern Airlines airplane took a photo of the business class lunch menu, highlighting one item in particular.

In the photo, China Eastern Airlines' business class menu includes beef, seafood, and soup dishes, but an English translation of "imported dog food with okra" has sparked controversy.

 Airline allegedly served ‘dog food’ to business class passengers? 1
Image Credit: Conrad Wu/Facebook

Conrad Wu, who shared the image on Facebook, asked: “What exactly is it?”

The post quickly attracted over 1000 likes, with many comments, and has also been shared on Reddit, provoking more jokes and mocking.

 Airline allegedly served ‘dog food’ to business class passengers? 2
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One social media user wondered if this showed the airline was pet-friendly, while another stated that "they treat you like a dog, not a human."

"The consequences of Google translate," another said.

Someone guested: "Must be a hot dog?"

“If it’s business class I expect my imported dog food to be 96% air-dried organic beef,” the second joked.

“Most likely the translation has gone wrong. Besides, how bad could dog food be?” said another.

It's unclear which dish the translated menu on the China Eastern aircraft refers to. The operator has been contacted by The Independent for clarification.

Earlier this year, Japan Airlines recommended its passengers to skip an in-flight meal because it is the "ethical choice."

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Since 2020, Japan Airlines has been testing the "JAL Ethical Choice MealSkip Option," which allows passengers to skip meal service on some flights.

The airline has now made it a permanent option on all aircraft bookings worldwide, emphasizing the environmental benefits of skipping a mid-flight meal.

To mention the new policy, Japan Airlines said that customers often chose to sleep through many of their flights rather than being woken up to eat their food. Therefore, they hope that its passengers will consider making the 'ethical choice' and not having a meal.

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According to Japan Airlines, the skipped in-flight meals will be donated to school lunch projects for children in developing nations facing hunger.

Customers have reported receiving an email from Japan Airlines informing them of the program, which hasn't been well-received by everyone.

The airline has clarified that additional beverages and snacks will be available upon request, despite the varying opinions on the matter.

A business class passenger on a February flight to Japan was surprised when they were served a single banana and chopsticks instead of a vegan breakfast.

“When she served the banana after take-off, I thought it was just an underwhelming appetizer, but it was in fact the entire meal service,” they wrote online.