US couple gets $4K in cash back from dog's poop after he eats all of them

Sunday, 07/01/2024, 16:31 (GMT+7)

A Pennsylvania couple had to "dig" through their dog's feces to take their money back after it swallowed $4,000 in cash

Can you imagine one day your $4K in cash suddenly dives into a dog's stomach?

That is the case a couple has to experience when their cherished dog gobbles $4K in cash and they have to get their hands dirty to get them back.

The US couple drops a huge amount of money into their pet's stomach

In a recent incident, a couple from Pennsylvania found themselves in a messy situation when their cherished canine devoured $4,000 in cash. 

Faced with no other option, they had to roll up their sleeves and sift through their dog's poop to get their money back. 

US couple gets $4K in cash back from dog's poop after he eats all of them 1
The couple dog's gobbles $4K in cash. Image Credit:Carrie Law

“This is Cecil. He has never done anything bad in his life,” Carrie Law wrote in an Instagram reel that has racked up more than 500,000 shares and likes.

The couple's canine companion, named Cecil, had never displayed any mischievous behavior before. 

However, on this particular occasion, he surpassed his border.

The dog caused a mess by eating the couple's $4K in cash

The tightly sealed envelope containing a collection of $50 and $100 bills had been left on their kitchen counter for a half-hour when chaos ensued. 

Husband Clayton was the first to discover the shredded remnants of the bills scattered across the floor. 

In a state of disbelief, he exclaimed, "Cecil ate $4,000!" to his wife, Carrie.

Carrie initially hoped it was a misunderstanding, but upon witnessing the mess, there was no denying the unfortunate truth. 

“I ran in, thinking I had to have heard him wrong, but when I saw the mess, there was no doubt,” she said. 

“I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Cecil had really done it.”

US couple gets $4K in cash back from dog's poop after he eats all of them 2
A whopping $4k of the couple suddenly dives into their dog's stomach. Image Credit: Carrie Law

Although the couple was taken aback by Cecil's unexpected behavior, they couldn't find it in their hearts to be angry. 

Instead, they were primarily surprised and concerned. As they exchanged bewildered glances, the question loomed: What could they possibly do to recover their lost fortune?

The couple was supported by the bank and their veterinarian

Without wasting any time, the couple promptly contacted their veterinarian to seek assistance. 

Fortunately, the vet assured them that given Cecil's size and overall health, it was likely that he would pass the cash without any significant issues.

The money had been withdrawn from their joint savings account to install a fence around their Pittsburgh home.

The bank would accept bills that were taped together with the complete serial numbers visible on both sides, they began meticulously piecing together the torn fragments. 

In addition, at least 50% of each bill needed to be intact, according to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing's guidelines.

After their attempt, Carrie and Clayton took back about $1,500 which was torn leaving on the floor

US couple gets $4K in cash back from dog's poop after he eats all of them 3
Carrie gathered $1,500 from the torn bill which was left on the floor. Image Credit: Carrie Law

Fortunately, Carrie and Clayton scraped together about $1,500 from the torn bills that Cecil left on the floor.

“Cecil was sitting on the sofa full of $2,500, and we knew there was only one way to get that money back,” Carrie said.

That night, Cecil managed to cough up $250 of the swallowed cash. However, the majority of the money remained to lie in his belly, forcing Clayton to take on a dirty task. 

Clayton donned a mask and gloves and followed his dog into the backyard to relieve himself

After collecting the dog’s deposits, Clayton and Carrie sifted through the waste to recover, wash, and piece together dozens of other shredded bits of their fortune.

“I never thought I’d be able to say I’ve laundered money, but there is apparently a first time for everything,” Carrie said.

After two more days, they retrieved about $1,800, boosting their total to $3,550

Donning a protective mask and gloves, the couple followed the pet into the backyard, patiently waiting for him to relieve himself.

With each 'deposit' made by Cecil, Clayton carefully collected the waste.

US couple gets $4K in cash back from dog's poop after he eats all of them 4
The couple finally took back $1,800 after digging through Cecil's poop. Image Credit: Carrie Law

Clayton and Carrie diligently sifted through the repulsive material, meticulously washing and piecing together the torn remnants of their once pristine bills.

Amidst the mess of the situation, Carrie said, "Who knew I would become an expert in money laundering? It seems life has a way of surprising us."

After two days, they managed to recover an additional $1,800 from the dog's poop. This brought their total retrieval to $3,550, a significant portion of their initial loss. 

“We couldn’t be mad at him — he’s a very lovable dog,” she said.