Man sues McDonald's as he almost lost life after eating Big Mac cheese

Thursday, 08/02/2024, 16:40 (GMT+7)

A male customer states that he nearly lost his life from eating a Big Mac cheese.

A man sued McDonald's after he nearly died after eating a Hamburger Big Mac.

The man, known to be allergic to milk, requested no cheese in his dish, but he still received a sandwich with cheese, causing him to experience severe allergic symptoms.

Therefore, the male customer decided to sue the fast food restaurant chain McDonald's.

Man sues McDonald's as he almost lost life after eating Big Mac cheese 1
Man almost died after eating McDonald's Big Mac Hamburger. Image Credit: Getty

Man sues McDonald's after putting cheese in his meal that left nearly died from a milk allergy

Recently, a lawsuit filed by a male customer against McDonald's caused a stir among McDonald's fans.

According to a social media post, a man named Charles Olsen placed an order at a McDonald's restaurant in New York City through DoorDash.

On his order, Olsen left a note asking not to add cheese to his serving because he is allergic to milk.

However, his dish still contained cheese and after the first few bites, Olsen began to exhibit severe allergic symptoms.

Man sues McDonald's as he almost lost life after eating Big Mac cheese 2
Big Mac Hamburger contains milk ingredients inside the cheese, causing a man to have a severe allergic reaction. Image Credit: The Lange Law Firm

Customers are in danger of allergic reactions when the Big Mac contains cheese

In the lawsuit, he stated that he had an itchy throat, swelling, difficulty breathing, hives, and a burning sensation over his entire body.

As soon as he realized there was milk in the Big Mac hamburger that caused him to have an allergy, Olsen's girlfriend quickly took him to the hospital for anaphylactic shock.

Man sues McDonald's as he almost lost life after eating Big Mac cheese 3
Olsen felt short of breath and had to be rushed to the hospital after eating a few bites Big Mac hamburger that contained milk inside the cheese. Image Credit: Getty

Fortunately, after a few hours, doctors stabilized his health condition without having to use a ventilation tube.

In the post, Olsen shared about the difficulties he had when ordering food or drinks because he was allergic to milk.

Olsen emphasized that he has always had to be careful when choosing food throughout his life.

He many times encountered staff who did not know how to handle food allergies and many other problems.

Olsen also asserted that meeting the needs of people with food allergies should be simplified and staff should be properly trained to avoid unfortunate consequences.

He had previously ordered at the same McDonald's restaurant and made the same request without any problems.

McDonald's response to the incident

Olsen's attorney, Jory Lange, said it was a painful experience for him to trust the McDonald's restaurant on Eighth Avenue.

Man sues McDonald's as he almost lost life after eating Big Mac cheese 4
McDonald's has received the complaint and is investigating the incident. Image Credit: Getty

Olsen's lawsuit not only requires the fast food organization to comply with its food and allergy policy but also to determine a specific compensation amount.

McDonald's sent a new statement to Olsen and affirmed that they always prioritize customer safety. They are currently thoroughly reviewing the complaints and will soon provide a suitable response to this unfortunate incident.