Customer slams McDonald’s over high price of Egg McMuffin

Wednesday, 31/01/2024, 17:55 (GMT+7)

On social media, McDonald's outpost in Connecticut has recently faced customer criticism for its "outrageous pricing".

A customer was charged a high amount for an Egg McMuffin and hash browns.

On Twitter, a customer was slammed for McDonald's after being charged a staggering amount for a simple breakfast meal. 

The incident occurred when a customer shared that she was billed over $7 for an Egg McMuffin and nearly $6 for a side of hash browns.

Customer slams McDonald’s over high price of Egg McMuffin 1
On social media, a McDonald’s location in Connecticut sparked criticism over the price of an Egg McMuffin. Image Credits: Bespoke/X

The post quickly went viral on social media and sparked outrage, prompting social media users to express their disbelief.

On social media, several customers reacted to the high prices of McDonald's

The incident caught the attention of New York-based Bespoke Investment Group, which took to social media to share their astonishment. On their account, they posted a photo of the bill,  along with the caption: "$7.29 for one McDonald’s Egg McMuffin.  What has the world come to??

These were 2 for $2 pretty recently."

In the picture, the receipt showed that the customer had spent a total of $14.58 on two Egg McMuffins at a McDonald's located in Fairfield, Conn., situated at a rest stop off Interstate 95.

Customer slams McDonald’s over high price of Egg McMuffin 2
A photo of a receipt from a McDonald’s in Fairfield, Conn., was shared by an X user. The customer criticized the location for pricing an Egg McMuffin and bacon, egg, and cheese McGriddle at over $7 each. Image Credits: Bespoke/X

Several users slammed McDonald's and compared the current prices to the previous ones.

Social media users were quick to point out that the prices seemed exorbitant, especially when compared to previous promotional offers.

The Bespoke account mentioned that the Egg McMuffins were previously available as part of a "2 for $2" deal, which the fast-food chain discontinued in 2016. Furthermore, the pricing of a single side of hash browns was revealed to be a staggering $5.69, adding to the customers' shock.

Additionally, the customer also made a comparison of prices between the McDonald's in Connecticut and the one in Times Square

A comparison was made between the Connecticut McDonald's and the one in New York City's Times Square, known for its notoriously high prices.

Customer slams McDonald’s over high price of Egg McMuffin 3
Customers express their dissatisfaction with a McDonald’s outpost in Connecticut for charging more than $7 for an Egg McMuffin and nearly $6 for a side of hash browns. Image Credits: Bespoke/X

In Times Square, hash browns are priced at $3.99, while an Egg McMuffin costs $5.49. McDonald's introduced a three-tiered value menu, the $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu, which includes more affordable options like a sausage biscuit, sausage McMuffin, and McChicken sandwich.

The outpost's Uber Eats page raised further eyebrows with its pricing. An Egg McMuffin meal, which includes a small coffee and hash browns, was listed at a staggering $17.63. Customers had the option to upgrade their order with add-ons like a larger-sized coffee, bacon strips, or a "round egg" (a fresh-cracked egg), which came at an additional cost of up to $3.

On social media, several customers slammed McDonald’s overly high price of Egg McMuffin

The public's outrage over the high prices quickly spread on social media, with users sharing their shock and disbelief.

One user said: Oh sh*t, Postmates is expensive. This is a huge surprise to me as well.

A second wrote: Yep, it's inflation but people pay more than that for just coffee at Starbucks.

While a third commented: Last year I got two steak and egg bagels, meals with orange juice. $26 is not worth it. It’s breakfast, which should be the cheapest meal of the day.

Someone else said: The only thing I see in this picture is a strong economy.

Another added: McDonald’s has gotten ridiculous. Don’t even taste good anymore.

McDonald's also responded to the criticism and pointed out its pricing strategies and the variations in the market. However, for customers seeking more affordable options, it is essential to explore alternatives that may offer better value for their money.