People are just learning why we should never eliminate a house centipede

Tuesday, 13/02/2024, 17:54 (GMT+7)

Contrary to their scary appearance, house centipedes are extremely beneficial for your living space and this is why you should not eliminate them.

House centipedes, with their numerous legs and quick movements, often evoke fear, leading many to instinctively attempt to eliminate them by squashing them with a shoe or a rolled-up magazine.

However, before you reach for your weapon of choice, consider the benefits that these creatures bring to your household.

People are just learning why we should never eliminate a house centipede 1
House centipedes look quite scary but have unexpected benefits for your home. Image Credit: Getty

First, house centipedes are harmless to humans. 

Although their appearance may leave you scared, they pose no threat to your well-being. In fact, they can be beneficial in controlling other pests within your home. 

House centipedes have a voracious appetite for insects such as termites, cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, moths, carpet beetles, and flies. 

They use their legs to capture and immobilize their prey, injecting them with venom to subdue them.

By allowing house centipedes to coexist in your living space, you're essentially employing natural exterminators to help keep these unwanted pests under control.

People are just learning why we should never eliminate a house centipede 2
House centipedes are harmless and helpful as they prey on insects, acting as natural exterminators in your home. Image Credit: Getty

Another advantage of house centipedes is that they are tidy houseguests. 

Unlike other insects, they do not leave webs or nests behind. Their sole purpose is to hunt for other bugs, and they do not carry any diseases or cause damage to your clothes or furniture. 

It's understandable if you don't want any creepy crawlies in your home, even though house centipedes can be beneficial.

To discourage house centipedes from entering your living space, you should address the conditions that attract them. 

People are just learning why we should never eliminate a house centipede 3
House centipedes are harmless, beneficial hunters that don't damage property or carry diseases. Image Credit: Getty

This includes fixing any areas of excessive moisture, such as leaks in pipes or basements, as house centipedes are drawn to humidity. 

Additionally, eliminating their food source by controlling other pests will make your home less appealing to them.

How to prevent our living space from a house centipede?

To effectively manage house centipedes, several preventive measures can be taken. 

Ensure that there is no excess moisture in the walls by using dehumidifiers or fans, and fix any leaks promptly. 

Seal any cracks or openings around doors, windowsills, and corners to prevent their entry. 

Regularly clean your living spaces, removing spiderwebs and checking for nests or other pests. 

Sticky traps, cedarwood sprays, vinegar baths, and baking soda can also be used to deter house centipedes.

People are just learning why we should never eliminate a house centipede 4
You should control moisture, seal openings, and clean the house regularly to prevent your living space from house centipede. Image Credit: Getty

Despite their somewhat alarming appearance, house centipedes should not be killed if found inside your home. 

They offer a natural form of pest control and do not pose any harm to humans. 

By maintaining a clean and dry living environment, you can discourage their presence while benefiting from their ability to keep other unwanted insects at bay.