Server fired after receiving whopping $10,000 tip leaving people baffled

Monday, 19/02/2024, 10:50 (GMT+7)

After receiving a $10,000 tip, a server at a Michigan restaurant was suddenly fired, and the restaurant owner claimed it was a business decision.

A server in Michigan was recently fired after receiving a generous $10,000 tip, but the restaurant owners claim that the termination was purely a business decision.

The server fired after receiving $10,000 in tips

According to the Detroit Free Press, Linsey Boyd, a server at the Mason Jar Cafe in Benton Harbor, received a substantial tip of $10,000 from an anonymous customer, who wanted to honor a deceased friend and requested that Boyd to distribute the tip among the entire serving staff, amounting to over $1,100 per person.

Server fired after receiving whopping $10,000 tip leaving people baffled 1
A female server received a $10K tip at a restaurant in Michigan. Image Credit: Facebook

The husband-wife owners of the restaurant, Able Martinez and Jayme Cousins, took to Facebook to clarify that the termination was not connected to the tip. 

They stated, "I will say that the firing had nothing to do with the tip. She received the entire tip and did not pay taxes on it (the business did). Yes, she distributed it as requested."

Internal conflict arises after the server receives a huge tip

According to Boyd's account, conflicts arose within the restaurant following the substantial tip, and management requested her to take a mental health day off on the following Sunday. 

Server fired after receiving whopping $10,000 tip leaving people baffled 2
An anonymous customer left a $10K tip and asked to split it equally with the other servers. Image Credit: Facebook

Boyd later mentioned that management contacted her on Sunday night and asked her to take an additional day off.

On Monday, she texted the restaurant to inquire if she should "professionally not come back" to work. 

On Tuesday, she was fired over a phone call for a secret reason.

Boyd's Facebook post quoted her saying, "One week ago, I was a great employee, hardworking, an awesome mom... couldn't have been better. Now, I'm jobless for the first time since I was 15."

The restaurant management refuted Boyd's claims and emphasized that the termination was not linked to the tip or its aftermath. 

Server fired after receiving whopping $10,000 tip leaving people baffled 3
The server was suddenly fired on Tuesday, leaving everyone shocked. Image Credit: Facebook

However, they were unable to disclose specific details due to labor laws.

The restaurant owner stated that they deeply care for their staff, many of whom have been with them for 5-6 years. 

They mentioned that they have college girls who return to work for them every summer and single mom among their employees. 

They expressed regret for the situation and the circumstances surrounding the termination.

The reaction of the public after the incident

The incident has garnered public attention, leaving many puzzled as to why a server would be fired after receiving such a substantial tip. 

Server fired after receiving whopping $10,000 tip leaving people baffled 4
The restaurant owner claims the decision to fire depends on a business decision and is not related to the $10K tip. Image Credit: Facebook

However, no further specific information about the incident has been released thus far.

On social media, there was a lot of support and empathy for the fired server. 

Many hope that this incident will raise questions about the rights and fair treatment of service industry workers.