Tenant stunned after unexpected discovery underneath carpet

Thursday, 02/11/2023, 12:09 (GMT+7)

An Australian renter was shocked after discovering something underneath the carpet that could have caused a serious injury.

An Australian tenant was left shocked after making an unexpected discovery beneath their carpet.

A woman in Australia found something shocking in her carpet after recently moving into a property in Melbourne.

 While setting up her room with her partner last Wednesday, she felt strange something was amiss as she walked a section of the wooden floor.

Then, she was stunned after discovering the major flaw in the home. The tenant turned to social media to expose a significant flaw within the property. She shared a video on TikTok, revealing a gaping hole in the floor that had likely resulted from recent renovations.

In the video, the woman lifts up a part of the carpet from the corner,  revealing a blue tarp-like material underneath. As she peels it back, she unveils a hole in the floorboards that had been cut out.

The tenant reported her concerns to the real estate agency, explaining, 'Emailed the real estate because it felt like there was a hole under the carpet,' the woman said. 

Tenant stunned after unexpected discovery underneath carpet 1
Image Credits: @elledalouise/Tiktok

'I'm just coming in to look at it... and... yes, yes there is.'

In the middle of the hole,  the floorboards above can be seen near the middle of the hole. Beneath, a collection of debris, possibly discarded construction materials, is scattered.

Tenant stunned after unexpected discovery underneath carpet 2
Image Credits: @elledalouise/Tiktok

Six days following the discovery of this issue, a representative from the real estate agency visited the couple's home to look into the matter. However, she claimed that the agency didn't tell the tenants what would be done to fix it.

The woman emphasized that they were the inaugural tenants to occupy the residence following its renovation. She said that the missing section of the floor coincided with the location where a support beam, which once housed a pipe, is situated.

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Image Credits: @elledalouise/Tiktok

'It hasn't met minimum standards since we moved in,' she told Yahoo. 

Many viewers who commented on the video found humor in the woman's predicament.

One person said: Everyone blaming the landlord should be blaming the tradespeople who did the job and signed off on it.

A second wrote: Look like someone has cut out for a soil pipe but discovered a wall in the way.

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