Tesla factory worker attacked by robot at a factory in Texas

Wednesday, 27/12/2023, 12:09 (GMT+7)

Tesla robot terrified factory employees when it suddenly violently attacked an engineer at the Giga Texas factory, in Austin, causing serious chaos.

In the world of advanced technology and automation, robots are becoming increasingly common in various industries.

However, the attack related to Tesla robots has raised concerns about the safety of automated robots in the workplace and the need for stricter regulations to keep humans safe.

Engineer Injured in Tesla Robot Attack

An engineer was programming software for two disabled robots when he was suddenly attacked by another robot at Tesla's Giga Texas factory.

Tesla factory worker attacked by robot at a factory in Texas 1
A Tesla robot unexpectedly attacked an engineer while he was programming software for two disabled Tesla robots nearby. Image Credit: Tesla

According to the report, the engineer was pinned by the robot and had its metal claws sink into his back and arm, leaving a bloody scene.

The worker suffered an open wound on his left hand and had to be rushed to the hospital for treatment.

This shocking incident was witnessed by two other employees who were horrified by how violent the robot was.

They immediately hit the emergency shutdown button to stop the malfunctioning robot and prevent any further harm. 

The injured engineer was lucky to escape with non-life-threatening injuries, but this incident has raised serious concerns about the safety of workers in the presence of automated robots.

Tesla factory worker attacked by robot at a factory in Texas 2
The engineer luckily had not suffered any life-threatening injuries. Image Credit: Tesla

Risks of Automated Robots in the Workplace

Although this is the first reported case of a robot attacking workers in Tesla's Giga Texas factory, it still raises concerns about the risks of automated robots in the workplace.

A study by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) found that between 1984 and 2013, there were 33 robot-related deaths in the United States. 

These incidents involved workers being crushed, struck, or caught in between machinery.

Tesla factory worker attacked by robot at a factory in Texas 3
Tesla robots have raised concerns for workers about the risks of automated robots in the factory. Image Credit: Tesla

Moreover, a report by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) stated that robots can cause serious injuries such as amputations, fractures, and lacerations. 

This is due to their high speed and force, as well as their ability to operate without human intervention. 

The report also highlighted the need for proper training and safety protocols to prevent such incidents from occurring.

Tesla Factory Was Doubted Hiding Other Robot Attacking

Hannah Alexander, an attorney representing Tesla's Giga Texas contract workers, declared her belief that the number of people injured at the factory is higher than the cases reported, based on her conversations with workers there.

Even the death on September 28, 2021, of a construction worker who was contracted to help build the factory itself is supposed to be ignored.

Tesla's Giga Texas factory far exceeds the rest of the auto industry in both total accidents and accidents serious to require time off.

Tesla factory worker attacked by robot at a factory in Texas 4
Many occupational accidents happened at Tesla but were not included in the report. Image Credit: Tesla

According to The Information's assessment, nearly one in 21 workers at Tesla's Giga Texas factory were injured on the job in 2022, compared to an industry average of one in every 30 workers.

For more serious workplace injuries, that ratio was about 1 in 26 workers at Tesla's Tesla factory, in 2022, resulting in days off work or transfers to another job task.

Tesla's workers have reported a range of injuries, including blunt force trauma, chemical exposures, and machine accidents. 

Workers have experienced sprains, cuts, fractures, and illnesses caused by contact with toxins such as ammonia. 

One worker was unable to work for over 4 months due to an ankle injury caused by a moving cart, while another worker took 85 days to recover from a head injury caused by a metal object. 

These incidents are documented in OSHA reports about the Tesla factory.