The camera captured Raccoon happily playing with the snow

Friday, 17/03/2023, 14:38 (GMT+7)

With cameras installed around the house, the homeowner found an amusing moment.

For a long time, Timothy has installed many cameras around the house for security. By chance, while working on the computer at night, Timothy noticed something moving on the camera screen and thought it was a thief, but it wasn't.

The camera captured Raccoon happily playing with the snow 1
While watching the camera, Timothy discovers that the intruder in his home turns out to be a North American raccoon. (Photo: Pixabay)

The guy took a closer look and found that it was a North American raccoon. The raccoon tried to sneak into the yard, it didn't steal the food, but it was behaving strangely.

The camera captured Raccoon happily playing with the snow 2
The North American Raccoon has the very strange act of reaching out to catch the falling snowflakes. (Photo: The Dodo)

At first, the raccoon kept raising its hands to the sky, trying to reach out and grab things in the air. Then, Timothy realized that the raccoon was trying to chase and catch the falling snowflakes. He was amazed that animals also had such cute playful moments.

The camera captured Raccoon happily playing with the snow 3
The strange action of the North American raccoon has attracted thousands of interested comments on social networks. (Photo: The Dodo)

Timothy said: "When I realized the raccoon was playing in the snow, I thought I'd have to save this video for everyone. This is not something that people can see every day.

Not long after, the guy shared the amusing video on social networks, attracting thousands of likes. The moment the raccoon played in the snow became popular for their humor and cuteness. Everyone looked at this moment and thought it was funny.

The camera captured Raccoon happily playing with the snow 4
Raccoon is having fun playing with the snow (Photo: The Dodo)

The raccoon is a mammal native to North America, with the scientific name Procyon lotor. They have a body length of 40 to 70 cm and a weight of 3.5 to 9 kg. They have long, bushy black and gray fur. The tail has 5-7 black rings.

The paws of each giant panda have five toes with curved claws, the soles of the feet are hairless, and the forelimbs are used like human hands, which can grasp, touch and grasp things. They have long, dexterous fingers that help them unbolt latches, untangle knots, turn doorknobs, uncork corks…

The camera captured Raccoon happily playing with the snow 5
The raccoon is an animal with a special appearance and a strange personality. (Photo: Pixabay)

The raccoon has a strange habit of washing their food before eating, but if they can't find water, they wipe it off with their hands. Scientists think they wash food to remove bones or other dangerous sharp objects from the food.

They are omnivores of plants and animals on land and in water: frogs, fish, mice, birds, turtle eggs, nuts, seeds, berries, and insects, and they can even catch some snakes. Due to the destruction of the natural environment, they have moved to places very close to humans and can eat almost all the food of humans.

Raccoons don't hibernate, but they also store fat in summer and fall to keep their bodies warm in winter. They are mostly nocturnal animals and prefer to live alone rather than in groups.