Top 5 strangest men in history, from the man who ate an airplane to the man who attracted a magnet

Thursday, 14/12/2023, 14:55 (GMT+7)

The world's public opinion has been astonished by the surprising facts about some of the most peculiar men in history.

The Magnet Man

Etibar Elchiyev, a man from Georgia, has gained global attention for his extraordinary abilities. 

He has been voted as the "World's Best Spoon Bender" due to his unique talent. In December 2011, during a demonstration in Tbilisi, Elchiyev astounded onlookers by attaching an impressive 50 metal spoons to his body.

It was from this moment that he earned the nickname "The Magnet Man."

Top 5 strangest men in history, from the man who ate an airplane to the man who attracted a magnet 1
Etibar Elchiyev is a special man who can attract and hold 50 spoons on his shoulders and chest. Image Credit: Reuters

The kickboxing trainer had initially intended to set a record by balancing more than 27 spoons on his face. However, he ultimately decided to go beyond that and instead positioned an impressive 53 metal spoons around his neck and chest.

According to him, his body possesses unique magnetic forces that attract metal objects, and he even dreams of being able to lift heavier weights in the future.

"Monsieur Mangetout" or "Mr. Eats All"

Michel Lotito, a Frenchman, is renowned worldwide for his extraordinary ability to consume items that are typically indigestible to others, including metal, glass, rubber, and various unconventional objects.

His remarkable feats include devouring a complete airplane Cessna 150, ingesting 18 bicycles, consuming 15 shopping carts commonly found in supermarkets, swallowing seven televisions, two beds, an entire coffin, and even ingesting a computer.

Lotito's unique talent, known as "Monsieur Mangetout" or "Mr. Eats All," stems from a rare physiological condition known as pica, which enables him to consume objects that would be considered inedible by most individuals. Over the years, he has amazed audiences with his seemingly insatiable appetite for non-food items.

Top 5 strangest men in history, from the man who ate an airplane to the man who attracted a magnet 2
Michel Lotito is known as Monsieur Mangetout or Mr. Eats all because of its ability to consume anything into his stomach. Image Credit: Reuters

His incredible performances not only garnered him international recognition but also earned him a place in the Guinness World Records.

Doctors have discovered that Michel Lotito possesses a unique and remarkably resilient digestive system. His stomach and intestines have a higher level of flexibility compared to the average person.

This exceptional physiological characteristic likely allows him to consume non-nutritive substances without posing a threat to his health.

The pregnant man

Sanju Bhagat, from Nagpur, India, gained worldwide fame as the man who was "pregnant" for 36 years. 

Initially, he was unaware that he was carrying his twin brother and simply thought that his stomach was abnormally swollen. 

Eventually, he experienced difficulty breathing, leading doctors to perform surgery, suspecting a large tumor in his abdomen.

Top 5 strangest men in history, from the man who ate an airplane to the man who attracted a magnet 3
Sanju Bhagat was pregnant with her twin for 36 years. Image Credit: Reuters

During the surgery, doctors made a shocking discovery. Instead of a tumor, they found the partially formed body of Bhagat's twin brother inside his abdomen. 

This condition, known as fetus in fetu, occurs when a twin embryo becomes enveloped and continues to grow inside the body of its sibling.

The case of Sanju Bhagat fascinated the medical community and the public alike, as it was an extremely rare occurrence. The surgery successfully removed the undeveloped twin, relieving Bhagat of his respiratory distress and resolving the mystery of his prolonged pregnancy.

The most talented hypnotist

Wolf Messing is considered the most talented hypnotist of the 20th century.

He possessed an unbelievable ability to harness the mysterious power of the mind that remained unparalleled by anyone. This remarkable individual could hypnotize multiple people simultaneously.

One of his notable feats is said to be his ability to enter the Kremlin without facing any obstacles. It is believed that he used his hypnotic skills to bypass security and access restricted areas within the Kremlin.

Top 5 strangest men in history, from the man who ate an airplane to the man who attracted a magnet 4
Wolf Messing can hypnotize many people at the same time. Image Credit: Reuters

World-renowned psychic Wolf Messing gained attention for accurately predicting the failure of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union. 

When this news reached Hitler, he became furious and placed a bounty of money on Wolf's head. Even while lying on his sickbed, Messing continued to astonish people by predicting his death and expressing a refusal to alter its course.

The world’s most pierced man

Rolf Buchholz, a German man, has been recorded in the Guinness World Records for having the most number of piercings. 

He holds the astounding record of having 453 piercings on his body and a staggering 278 in his penis.

Despite this extensive number, he claims that it does not have any negative impact on his sex life.

Top 5 strangest men in history, from the man who ate an airplane to the man who attracted a magnet 5
More than 450 piercings were placed all over Rolf's body and face. Image Credit: Reuters

Rolf Buchholz gained additional notoriety for having surgically implanted horns on his head. 

It was due to these unique body modifications that he was denied entry into Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2014. Immigration officials deemed his presence in the country a potential "security risk."