You have a 'genius' IQ if you can spot three red darts in 15 seconds

Friday, 27/10/2023, 11:06 (GMT+7)

Can you spot three red darts in 15 seconds?

Lateral thinking represents an innovative problem-solving approach that veers away from the conventional, taking a more creative and indirect route to tackle the issue at hand.

Consequently, if you can pinpoint the three darts within 15 seconds, your intelligence quotient (IQ) might rank in the genius category.

You have a 'genius' IQ if you can spot three red darts in 15 seconds 1
Image: Toff London

If you've ever pondered whether you possess a genius intellect, an intriguing brain teaser may offer the key to your question.

Rapidly cracking this puzzle could categorize you as exceptionally intelligent. Brain teasers and optical illusions serve as engaging exercises to keep your mind sharp, and solving them swiftly often indicates your high level of cleverness. So, why not give this challenging teaser a shot?

This particular puzzle has left many individuals puzzled. It presents a task: to identify three concealed red darts within an image filled with dartboards. While it may seem straightforward, it's more challenging than it initially appears. The dartboards are set against a red background and already feature red markings, making it arduous to locate the hidden darts.

However, if your vision is keen and you manage to locate the darts within the 15-second timeframe, you may indeed possess genius-level intellect. Have you successfully located the darts?

Here's a helpful clue: the darts are not concealed within the background but are all situated on one of the dartboards. Still struggling to spot them? No need to worry; many others also find this puzzle to be quite formidable.

The solution is situated in the bottom right corner of the image. 

You have a 'genius' IQ if you can spot three red darts in 15 seconds 2
Image: Toff London

The answer is in the bottom right of the picture. Continue scrolling to check if you've solved it correctly! Gook luck!