Amsterdam airport installed a ‘‘urinal fly’ to reduce splash

Tuesday, 19/12/2023, 16:30 (GMT+7)

The cleaning manager at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport was attempting to solve a common issue in the early 1890s: urinal spills.

A ‘urinal fly’ is a solution to spillage in the urinal, leaving numerous people stunned by how effectively it worked.

Urine spills were not only unclean, but they also created a slippery environment for passengers

The cleaning staff felt baffled after spotting a splash. They even scratched their heads when men aimed at the urinals, which caused splashes.

Amsterdam airport installed a ‘‘urinal fly’ to reduce splash 1
A ‘urinal fly’ is a solution to spillage in the urinal. Image Credits: Reddit

Aad Kieboom, known as the cleaning manager, was confused after trying different solutions. He not only placed signs above the urinals but also hired extra cleaning staff, but these measures failed.

One day, Kieboom accidentally read an article about how flies are attracted to moisture. He immediately has a good idea. 

According to Kieboom, fly images left the men feeling confused when they wanted to splash urine. Supposedly, the fly images worked!

In the 1890s, images of flies were etched into toilet bowls and gained popularity.

Amsterdam airport installed a ‘‘urinal fly’ to reduce splash 2
Urinal flies are a good solution, which helps reduce splashes in the toilet. Image Credits: Reddit

According to May Berenbaum, urinal flies"—or, more broadly, “urinal targets"—reduce" splashes in the toilet. 

After the urinal fly was installed, urinal spillage at Schiphol Airport decreased by an estimated 80%. 

The urinal fly is completely working, as it reduces splash, leading to an approximate 80% decrease in urinal spillage, according to reports.

This not only resulted in substantial savings for the airport in terms of cleaning expenses but also enhanced restroom safety for passengers.

Urinal Fly worked based on a few basic men's psychological 

Amsterdam airport installed a ‘‘urinal fly’ to reduce splash 3
Urinal Fly is effective when it works based on a few basic men's psychological. Image Credits: Reddit

Firstly, men instinctively tend to aim at moving or fluttering objects. Secondly,  flies are a symbol of uncleanness or bothersomeness. When a fly is placed as a target in the urinal, it becomes a natural focus for men’s urine. The fly was an imprint on men's behavior, which they felt was disgusting. They avoided the fly,  leading to a reduction in urine spillage in the toilet.

Schiphol Airport completed success after installing a ‘‘urinal fly’, which was implemented in restrooms worldwide.  

This simple and effective solution addresses a prevalent issue and serves as a compelling testament to the influence of men's behavioral psychology.