Black Diamond Apple: Rare gem of health

Friday, 22/12/2023, 13:12 (GMT+7)

Black diamond apples are not only real apples with their own unique color, texture, and taste, but they are also the gems of health.

'Black Diamond Apple' is a rare variety of apple

In the high mountains of Tibet, one can occasionally spot wild apple trees that may not be visually appealing. At present, the apple trees have sparse, medium-sized fruits, and the color is still purple-black. It even resembles the poison apple from the fairy tale Snow White.

 Black Diamond Apple: Rare gem of health 1
Apples come in 3–4 colors: red, green, golden/yellow, and white. However, the 'Black Diamond apple' is a rare variety with a distinct black color. Image credit: Getty

Black diamond apples have a unique deep purple color with a diamond-like luster, as if covered with a layer of mysterious iridescent wax. This distinctive appearance is the reason behind the name 'black diamond.

The area chosen for planting this black diamond apple is Linzhi City, Tibet. The average altitude of this place is 3,100 meters, the temperature difference between day and night is quite large, and the sunlight contains a lot of ultraviolet rays.

These special geographical features make Linzhi City a perfect natural environment for growing black diamond apples. Although black apple seeds have been planted in many places, they have not achieved the same effect as the "original taste" of Tibet.

 Black Diamond Apple: Rare gem of health 2
The Black Diamond is renowned as a health gem. Image credit: Getty

Like red and green apples, black apples contain many minerals and good microorganisms, but they taste much better due to the simple but extremely clean growing process.

In addition to their attractive appearance, black diamond apples offer many health benefits.

Black diamond apples rank highly for being rich in fiber and other nutrients, which is why doctors often recommend eating an apple a day to stay healthy. Apples mostly come in 3–4 colors: red, green, yellow/yellow, and white.

 Black Diamond Apple: Rare gem of health 3
The growing process for Black Diamond apples is exceptionally clean. Image credit: Getty

Like other apples, it is rich in fiber, which aids digestion and promotes intestinal health. Additionally, it contains essential vitamins, including vitamin C to support the immune system and antioxidants to help fight free radicals in the body.

Compared to all apple varieties, Black Diamond Apple is more expensive than any other type of apple. 

Additionally,  "Black Diamond Apple" is considered a symbol of luxury and exclusivity. These fruits are sought after by those willing to indulge in a truly unique fruit experience.

The apple's unique color and exceptional quality are the result of carefully controlled growing conditions and selective breeding techniques.