David Beckham explains controversy about his affectionate kiss with 11-year-old daughter

Friday, 09/06/2023, 09:27 (GMT+7)

Kissing, David Beckham, and the power of affection: exploring the controversy and effects of parental expressions in child rearing.

Kissing a child on the lips can introduce several potential risks, both physical and psychological. Dental experts warn that the transfer of saliva can potentially lead to cavities, especially if the parent has oral health issues.

The act of kissing one's child on the lips has long been a topic of debate, raising concerns about potential risks and effects on a child's perception of personal boundaries.

Despite the controversies, public figures like David Beckham have unapologetically shared images of themselves engaging in this practice.

While some parents argue that it is a harmless expression of love, psychologists and experts caution against the behavior, highlighting potential consequences for a child's development.

Kissing is David Beckham's way of showing affection


David Beckham explains controversy about his affectionate kiss with 11-year-old daughter 1
David Beckham and his daughter (Source: PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo)

David Beckham, a prominent celebrity and athlete, has faced criticism for publicly sharing pictures of himself kissing his children on the lips. In response, Beckham remains steadfast in his belief that this gesture is an innocent display of love for his children.

He explains that his upbringing and the values instilled by his wife, Victoria, have shaped their affectionate approach to parenting.

Beckham's supporters argue that the intent behind the act is pure and that critics should not scrutinize the way parents choose to express love for their children.

Beckham has frequently shared selfies on his Instagram account, capturing loving kisses on the lips with his 11-year-old daughter Harper. He has mentioned that he engages in this affectionate gesture with most of his children, although he understands that his eldest son Brooklyn, who is 18 years old, might find it awkward at this stage of his life.

Children are Beckham's number-one choice


David Beckham explains controversy about his affectionate kiss with 11-year-old daughter 2
A kiss is an expression of fatherly love (Source: davidbeckham / Instagram)

Becoming a father at the young age of 23, Beckham has managed to balance his successful career and demanding schedule while consistently prioritizing his family. He believes that having children makes you mature faster, as you realize there are more important things in life than your own worries.

For Beckham, life now revolves around his children, and he embraces that role wholeheartedly.

"I think having kids helps you develop faster. Life becomes more essential than ordinary concerns since you have more pressing issues to care about. I believe that's what you learn as a father—that your importance diminishes and that your children come first.

The children are encouraged by him to follow their own dreams


David Beckham explains controversy about his affectionate kiss with 11-year-old daughter 3
He always puts his children first (Source: davidbeckham / Instagram)

Beckham shares that his four children have not shown interest in following his path and becoming professional footballers, and he wholeheartedly supports their choices. He believes in allowing his children to pursue their own passions without any pressure or coercion.

For Beckham, it is crucial to shower kids with love, support, and encouragement, irrespective of their chosen paths.

He firmly asserts that forcing anyone into a particular career is not the way to go. Throughout their lives, Beckham and his wife have consistently provided unwavering support to their children, embracing and nurturing their individual aspirations. 

There are mixed opinions among parents including David Beckham and psychologists


David Beckham explains controversy about his affectionate kiss with 11-year-old daughter 4
He supports his children to pursue their own dreams (Source: davidbeckham / Instagram)

Like David Beckham, a lot of famous people frequently post photos of themselves kissing their kids on the lips. Parents who engage in lip-kissing with their children often emphasize the emotional bond it fosters.

They view it as an intimate expression of love and affection, an opportunity to reinforce their emotional connection. These parents argue that the act helps build trust, reinforces the parent-child bond, and establishes a sense of security. 

However, Psychologists, child development experts, and pediatricians hold varying opinions on the matter. Some professionals caution against the practice, asserting that it blurs the line between parental and romantic or intimate relationships.

They emphasize the importance of teaching children about personal boundaries and appropriate displays of affection.

Others argue that the context and intent behind the act should be considered. A brief, closed-mouth kiss between a parent and child, they assert, can be harmless and demonstrate affection within a loving family dynamic.

However, experts universally advise parents to pay attention to their child's comfort level and respect their boundaries.

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