Foot photos worth up to $45,000 per pic leave people in awe

Sunday, 11/02/2024, 16:20 (GMT+7)

Just one photo of your foot can earn you up to $45,000. These are some revelations by those who sell foot pics online.

Foot fetishism has become a popular trend, with individuals earning up to $45,000 per foot photo

In an era where anything goes, selling foot pictures online has emerged as a side hustle, attracting a growing community of fetishists with different foot types commanding varying prices.

Foot photos worth up to $45,000 per pic leave people in awe 1
The trend of selling foot photos online has become a trend among young people. Image Credit: Getty

Foot fetishism has become mainstream, and there's a unique way to earn money that you may not have considered yet. 

Selling foot photos online to a growing community of fetishists can potentially generate up to $45,000 per year. 

According to Melissa Cook, a sex therapist, anyone can participate in this lucrative side hustle as long as they have the right type of toes.

Certain toe types, such as "peasant," "Roman," or "Greek" feet, are particularly sought after and have the highest earning potential.

Foot photos worth up to $45,000 per pic leave people in awe 2
Selling foot photos online can earn up to $45,000 per year, especially for models with sought-after toe types. Image Credit: Getty

FunWithFeet, a foot fetish website, reports that models with square-shaped feet can earn up to $45,000, while those with Greek feet, where the second toe is longer than the rest, can make around $43,000. 

Roman feet, with three toes of equal length, can also fetch a significant amount, primarily because fewer models are showcasing this foot type.

However, success in selling foot photos goes beyond having aesthetically pleasing feet. 

Cook advises considering various factors and understanding your target audience. To increase your chances of success, she suggests the following tips:

1. Be creative and think of ways to incorporate accessories, take multiple shots, learn photo editing techniques, experiment with different lighting and filters, and practice posing.

2. Create unique and high-quality content to enhance your selling potential.

3. Red nail polish is a popular choice among foot fetishists.

4. The model's personality can impact the overall experience and the likelihood of repeat customers.

Foot photos worth up to $45,000 per pic leave people in awe 3
To succeed in selling foot photos online, be creative, produce high-quality content, and showcase your personality. Image Credit: Getty

The price of the photo depends on the style of the foot

While average feet can still earn around $21,000 per year, showcasing your individuality can make a difference.

Unfortunately, people with popular Egyptian feet, characterized by a high big toe, may earn approximately 50% less than other foot types. 

Foot photos worth up to $45,000 per pic leave people in awe 4
Foot photos can fetch up to $45,000 per year, with certain toe types commanding higher prices in the market. Image Credit: Getty

Additionally, if your feet are hairy, it's best to avoid displaying them, as 96% of FunWithFeet users have rejected feet with visible hair.

Selling foot photos can be an appealing passive income opportunity. However, it's important to approach it with professionalism and ensure that you respect your own boundaries and comfort levels.